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Self-Driving Tech Company Cartken Gears Up for Expansion with €20.8 Million Funding

Cartken, a company known for its self-driving robots used in last-mile delivery and industrial settings, has secured €20.8 million in funding, with €9.2 million coming from their latest round. This investment will fuel Cartken’s growth in various industries, aiming to revolutionize automation and delivery solutions.

The demand for efficient and automated solutions in delivery and industrial sectors is rapidly increasing. Traditional methods are not only slow and labor-intensive, but also impact worker productivity and safety. Existing self-driving robots often struggle to adapt to different environments, limiting their usefulness.

Cartken’s technology tackles these issues. Their unique autonomous navigation system allows their robots to navigate diverse environments, from factories and campuses to neighborhoods. Unlike some competitors, Cartken’s system utilizes affordable sensors and cameras instead of expensive LiDAR, making it more accessible. This allows for safe operation around pedestrians and vehicles, promoting seamless integration into existing workflows.

“This funding accelerates our vision of a future where self-driving technology is everywhere,” said Christian Bersch, CEO of Cartken. “We want to make this technology available to companies across industries, so they can streamline operations, boost productivity, and keep their employees safe.”

Since its launch in 2019, Cartken’s robots have completed hundreds of thousands of deliveries, averaging a significant 36,000 per month. This translates to over 10,000 hours saved in employee transportation time in 2023 alone. They serve big players in various sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, across multiple countries. Additionally, Cartken integrates with delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Grubhub, with recent operations launched in Tokyo alongside Uber Eats and Mitsubishi Electric.

Investors are excited about Cartken’s potential. Bernhard Janke from 468 Capital, a lead investor, believes Cartken’s approach “will revolutionize industrial automation and last-mile delivery.” He is impressed by the team’s expertise and vision for the future of autonomous vehicles in Europe and beyond, highlighting Cartken’s technology as a glimpse into what’s to come.


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