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The Top 5 Mental Health Startups in Germany

Mental health is still a sought-after topic. Not only in general society, but also specifically in business, more and more people are becoming aware of the (once taboo) topic. Especially since 2016, the wave of mental health startups began to reach Germany. Slowly, but steadily. For this reason, you can now find the best 5 mental health startups from Germany here.

The best mental health startups in Germany

  • MindDoc
  • VAHA
  • Humanoo
  • Vivy
  • Selfapy


Founder: Felix Frauendorf & Max Goering

MindDoc, the first Mental Health Startup on our list, is actually, believe it or not, from Germany. It was founded in October 2016 by Felix Frauendorf and Max Goering to help people recognize the symptoms of depression at an early stage. The whole thing works via an app, which is available for download in the app store for both iOS and Android devices. Users* answer questions about their psychological and physical well-being every day over a period of two weeks. In this process, the psychological, emotional, and physical health of the user*s is tracked to provide a personalized assessment of their mental health based on their answers. This gives users* the ability to identify symptoms and provides a starting point for conversations with therapists, psychologists, and various other medical qualified professionals. MindDoc is now used by over one million users worldwide to strengthen their mental health.


Founder*: Calin Popescu & Valerie Bures-Bonstrom

Berlin-based mental health startup VAHA markets an interactive mirror which has a vivid range of personalized, intensive exercises and sessions for body, mind and health. The company was founded in Berlin in 2019 by Calin Popescu and Valerie Bures-Bonstrom and is currently in Series B funding round. VAHA’s goal is to motivate people with passion to reach their full potential, making a fulfilling and energetic life possible. It also aims to help users locate the so-called “sweet spot”, the intersection of challenge to talent and ability, and thus bring about optimal progress by improving mental health.


Founder: Philip Pogoretschnik

Humanoo is another mental health startup that aimed to provide its users* with a platform for mental health, human resources, personal health and wellbeing. So, founder Philip Pogoretschnik launched the Berlin-based startup in February 2016 to support the (mental) health of as many people as possible. What is particularly interesting, however, is that the company specializes specifically in employees and insurance customers. The goal is to help users* improve their mental health in particular. The entire program can be accessed bundled in one app. Users can improve their health through customized programs and innovative eHealth solutions such as mindfulness, yoga and nutrition. The company is currently in the Series B financing phase and employs approximately 65 people.


Founder: Christian Rebernik

Vivy is an innovative solution for digital health cards and a digital assistant at the same time. In 2017, founder Christian Rebernik decided to launch the company and developed Vivy to offer users* the possibility to have an overview of their health and to optimize it in an active, simple, self-determined and secure way at the same time. In the app, all necessary documents can be kept at once: Vaccination record, medication schedule, health card, etc. Doctors can also be found via the platform. Accordingly, it is an all-round package: both mental and physical health are included in this application. It’s clear: mental and physical health are directly related.


Founders: Farina Schurzfeld, Katrin Bermbach & Nora Blum

Selfapy, the online provider of therapy support tools, aims to identify negative thinking patterns and subsequently train new, healthy behaviors. The mental health startup was founded in 2015 in Berlin by Farina Schurzfeld, Katrin Bermbach & Nora Blum. The program is used to go through guided online self-help courses and discuss what you’ve learned with an individually assigned psychologist. Selfapy has received a total investment of €6.6 million to date, from a total of 8 investors. These include SHS Capital, High-Tech Grunderfonds, Mavericks Founders and Think.Health.



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