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Furnishing the start-up office – tips and inspiration

The office is the place where a start-up’s plans are put into action. In order for this plan to be effective, the right equipment must not be missing. Founders therefore quite rightly think a lot about the question of what absolutely belongs in their office. We would like to take a closer look at a few tips on this topic in this article.

Create a positive atmosphere

Before we get down to the concrete planning, it is worth asking a very conscious question – what do we as founders actually want to achieve with the office furnishings? On the one hand, we want to create an atmosphere that is as positive as possible for our daily work. If you have to do your work in an office that does not meet your personal requirements, you can hardly be happy with it.

On the other hand, it seems important not to neglect the actual focus in all the concrete development of a concept. This should still be directed towards the goal of high productivity. Feeling good just for the sake of it does not find consideration in the country’s successful start-ups. Instead, the idea behind it is always to be able to contribute something to the well-being of the company.

High-quality sanitary facilities

Where do we start with the furnishing of our office? A good starting point in this context is the sanitary facilities. Many founders consider them a minor matter at first, but they make a central contribution to the well-being of the employees. The comfort of the premises should correspond to that of a very good restaurant, according to the rule of thumb of many successful entrepreneurs.

For those who want to spend a little more money on the equipment, there are exciting solutions available on the market. These include, for example, the shower toilet, which combines the functions of a toilet and a shower. In this way, a particularly soothing and thorough cleaning is possible. More information on this topic can be found here at

The kitchen for employees

Even before we get to the actual work areas, a kitchen plays an important role. After all, some employees will spend their well-earned lunch break in the office for many years. And there are not always suitable restaurants and snack bars directly available on site that can be visited.

Others have very specific dietary requirements that are difficult to accommodate when they stop for lunch. For these people, it is important that they have the opportunity to prepare small meals themselves in a small kitchen. Maybe this even develops into a small tradition within the company, which can become a nice contrast to the actual work. Reason enough to get to the bottom of these offers and develop your own concept for them.

Investing in good technology

The actual core area where the work is done remains, of course, the desk. In the battle for good staff, it is important to convince and appeal to employees right there. This can only be achieved with high-quality equipment that can meet ergonomic requirements, for example.

Meanwhile, the certain investment that is necessary for this should not be seen as a burden. Rather, they are amounts that can easily be amortised.

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