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Big launch on Real Estate: the bidding system starts!

Whether you are a private individual looking to sell a property or a person who deals with the sale of property on a daily basis, it is of paramount importance to know theIt is essential for him to make it as easy and quick as possible for interested parties to find his advertisements and to receive telephone calls from interested parties. This is greatly facilitated by Ingatlantájoló.hu’s new ad highlighting bidding system, which is now being launched.

Existing and new customers alike have been given a significant amount of bonus credits at launch to enable them to try out the bidding system and experience its benefits as soon as possible. They can start bidding on their most important listings today, making it even easier for property seekers to find the property advertised by an agency or individual.

Essentially, everyone has experienced that property searchers are usually only able to find a property in the first two or three weeks of the search results.It is therefore very important to get a property advertisement as high up the list as possible. To do this, all you need to do now is bid for the top spots in the results list with credits.

Recognising this challenge, from 1 June, both estate agents and real estate agencies will have to be able to place their bids on the best search results.and their agents, as well as real estate development partners and private advertisers, will be able to pre-rank their listings in the so-called bidding system. The idea is that the advertiser who bids with the highest number of credits will be the one who gets the highest ranking. Of course, the ranking is automated and programmed, just like a large internet search engine.

“This system is fair, as the ads that are constantly at the top of the results list are those that are highlighted by the advertisers”, underlines Antal Ballagó, Sales Manager of Otthontérkép Group.

This new solution also helps real estate searchers, since in many cases the same search results are often used for real estate searches on most real estate advertising portals, including Ingatlantájolo.In many property search queries, the same listings often appear at the top of the results lists, which are regularly deleted and then re-posted by advertisers to make the listing appear fresher and therefore move it to the top.

In contrast, as an advertiser, everyone will in future have an equal chance of having their ad in the first positions, and as a property seeker, the best search results will be the ones that are most likely to be found.In the search for a property, we will be able to see the best listings at the top of the search results, where the advertiser really wants to sell the property as quickly as possible.

Ingatlantájoló.hu new bidding service

Anyone who regularly advertises or searches on Ingatlantájoló has experienced in recent years that the site is constantly updated, evolving, always able to innovate and always up to date.regularly comes up with something new, which makes it easier to place an advertisement, to place it in the right place or highlight it, and to search for property.

This time, however, Ingatlantájoló has come up with an innovation which, although there are examples of it in this country, is only used by a few international operators.

The new bidding system can be used by anyone who advertises on Ingatlantájolo, and since the credits are unit-priced (HUF 2 plus VAT), they are not subject to any other price.per credit for everyone), it creates a completely level playing field for small and large offices, property developers and individuals.

The credits are therefore necessary to position a property properly, i.e. to ensure that the advertisement is placed as high as possible in the search results. Credits can be purchased at any time and credits purchased with a credit card payment are immediately credited to the credit balance.

How many credits are needed to get an ad in one of the top positions in the results list? There is no exact answer to this question, because the number of credits required always depends on the number of people bidding for a given position and the number of people competing for the spot. For example, in a more popular district in the capital, where there are several similar, better-rotating – usually high specific price – more people are competing for the top spots, whereas in a small town with few properties for sale, there is likely to be less competition for the top spots.

Of course, by clicking on your ad, you can check at any time where it is currently locatedand how many credits you need to bid to reach the desired position. Since, as mentioned above, everyone can buy credits at the same price, this creates a level playing field for competition, andand the position of our advertisement will not be controlled by unpredictable algorithms, but by the user.

More information:

Antal Ballagó
Sales Manager
+36 30 403 2883
[email protected]

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