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Bang & Olufsen Opens New Store in Limassol

[Limassol, Cyprus] – The much-anticipated Bang & Olufsen store has officially opened its doors in Limassol. With an opening day on November 3rd, 2023, its opening is considered a significant milestone in the world of high-end audio equipment. 

Bang & Olufsen, known for their exceptional sound products, brings a little bit more luxury to those looking for high-quality electronics in Cyprus. Their commitment to unparalleled quality and beautiful aesthetic makes them a favorite for many locals. Visitors can now experience sound in its most profound form with just one stop at the new location. 

The new location exhibits several of Bang & Olufsen’s most popular collections, including luxury home audio systems, integrated TVs, multi-room audio solutions, portable speakers, and comfortable headphones. Innovation and craftsmanship are major parts of Bang & Olufsen’s philosophy, which can clearly be seen in each displayed product in Limassol. 

Within the store, visitors will find several demo zones where you can try out each of their products. Shoppers can travel through the store and journey through each of the soundscapes carefully crafted by the company’s employees. Guests are encouraged to explore and interact to fully understand all Bang & Olufsen has to offer. 

This fully immersive experience will allow you to experience firsthand the way their audio systems can transform your home entertainment system. It’s an opportunity to see, hear, and feel the difference Bang & Olufsen’s products can make in personal listening. 

One of Bang & Olufsen’s most prestigious collections on display at the new location is their exclusive Ferrari Collection. This limited edition collection blends high-performance sound and iconic style for a combination you won’t want to miss. Enthusiasts and collectors in the region can now get their hands on a piece of this unique collaboration just by stopping into the store. 

Whether you’re a long-time product collector or new to the world of high-end audio, Bang & Olufsen’s new Limassol location has something to offer everyone. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are on hand to guide you through the collections and to help you find the perfect audio products for your needs. 

This opening isn’t just another addition to Cyprus’s shopping scene. It’s a celebration of sound and design. Stop in today to see how Bang & Olufsen can transform the way you listen to and experience sound both in your home and on the go. 

Discover more about the store and the world of Bang & Olufsen at Prestigio Plaza and their Digital Showroom


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