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From Prisma’s R&D Head to Joom’s Market Intelligence Lead – Aleksandr Pushin’s Stry Revolutionizes Fitness Training

The Hague, Netherlands – 19 July 2023

Former Head of Research & Development at Prisma and Market Intelligence Team Lead at Joom, Aleksandr Pushin, is spearheading a groundbreaking revolution in the fitness industry with his latest venture, Stry. Going beyond typical fitness apps, Stry offers a novel approach to fitness training by pairing individuals with their ideal personal trainers for a deeply personalized coaching experience.

Personalized Coaching Redefined

Stry sets itself apart from other fitness platforms by providing users with dedicated personal trainers and finely curated fitness plans tailored to their specific needs and goals. Unlike traditional on-call coaching, Stry’s approach utilizes asynchronous communication, providing users with greater flexibility and accessibility. The service is not only more user-friendly but also significantly more cost-efficient, offering expert mentoring at just €99 per month, a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching that can command €50 hourly.

Aleksandr Pushin, the visionary behind Stry, emphasized the platform’s commitment to offering bespoke coaching for everyone. By merging technology convenience with personalized human touch, Stry is setting new benchmarks in the fitness training industry.

Real Transformation Stories

Early testers of Stry have already experienced remarkable results and transformations. Users like Megan, who found a renewed passion for fitness in her apartment’s gym thanks to Stry, and Jacob, who overcame challenges from a sedentary lifestyle and back pain, exemplify the platform’s effectiveness. Another success story comes from Arie, who turned to Stry for her personalized fitness journey after giving birth. Stry’s tailored approach has kept early users engaged for over three months, showcasing unprecedented retention rates for fitness services.

Bootstrapping and Chief-Level Support

The foundation of Stry was laid through relentless bootstrapping and the unwavering passion of its founders. While initially self-funded, Stry soon caught the attention of Chief-level executives from leading companies such as Avito, Joom, and Zerion, who made angel investments in the venture. These investments validate the immense potential and promise Stry holds in reshaping the fitness industry to be more personalized and accessible.

Seizing the Post-COVID Opportunity

With a significant shift to online interactions due to the post-COVID landscape, 83% of personal trainers have embraced virtual training, a substantial increase from the pre-pandemic figure of 39%. Stry is well-positioned to thrive in this transformed fitness domain valued at €36.83bn.

The Future of Human-Centric Fitness Amplified by AI

While human interaction remains at the core of Stry’s philosophy, the team’s profound expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, honed during their tenure at Prisma and Joom, suggests future integrations of these technologies. The goal is to enhance the tailored fitness journey without compromising the essential human touch.

Exclusive Offer for STARTUPMAFIA Readers

Stry is extending a warm welcome to newcomers with an exclusive promo code “MAFIA.” For a limited time, readers can enjoy a two-week free trial along with a 50% discount, making the personalized fitness experience even more accessible.

As Stry sets out to revolutionize the fitness industry, it promises to redefine how individuals approach their fitness goals, making personalized coaching more attainable than ever before.

For more information and media inquiries, please contact:

Aleksandr Pushin


Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +31 065 895 42 12


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