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Polish Startup Makes Learning AI Collaborative and Immersive: Aims to Train 200,000 Globally

Warsaw, Poland – In a record-breaking funding round for a Polish startup, CampusAI has secured €9.2 million to create a global network of interactive platforms focused on teaching people how to collaborate effectively with AI.

This innovative approach immerses users in the world of AI, allowing them to personalize their learning paths, choose tools that suit their style, and craft stronger prompts. The platform boasts a completion rate 10 times higher than traditional e-learning methods, thanks to its unique blend of avatar-based learning and a strong emphasis on practical application.

CampusAI isn’t just targeting individuals. Businesses can leverage the platform to build comprehensive training programs that support their digital transformation efforts. This comes at a crucial time, as a recent PwC survey of CEOs revealed a significant skills gap, particularly in AI expertise. CampusAI’s solution addresses this head-on.

“For digital transformation to succeed, it needs to empower an organization’s greatest asset: its people,” said CampusAI Co-founder and CEO Aureliusz Górski. Their Human+AI Collaboration model fosters a more proactive, creative, and effective workforce, allowing leaders to engage all levels of their teams in the AI-driven transformation process.

The company’s approach is backed by leading academics. Aleksandra Przegalińska, a visiting fellow at Harvard and a professor at Warsaw’s Kozminski University, serves on CampusAI’s scientific advisory board. Przegalińska emphasizes that AI is a tool for humans, not the other way around, and that AI education should be accessible to everyone.

CampusAI’s interactive content is powered by a cutting-edge game engine, allowing for the creation of custom learning environments. With their sights set on global expansion, they plan to enter their first new market within three months and reach up to 10 countries by year-end.

“We’re excited to expand globally with an investor who shares our vision,” said Górski. Their lead investor, Maciej Zientara, is known for his international business experience, making him a perfect partner for this ambitious project.

“AI will affect everyone’s jobs,” said Zientara. “That’s why effective education is crucial to prepare people for the future workforce.” CampusAI’s unique approach seems poised to make a significant impact on how we learn and collaborate with AI on a global scale.


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