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Startup Revolutionizing Content Moderation in the War Against Disinformation

Maintaining respectful and safe online spaces is paramount in Eastern Europe, which has become a battleground in the war against disinformation. Slovak startup TrollWall has not only risen to the forefront as an industry innovator in combating hate speech but is on a mission that transcends mere efficiency. The customer journey they propose is characterized by the remarkable transformation of content moderators from their traditional role into efficient no-hate discussion facilitators, refocusing their efforts on supporters, not detractors.

TrollWall’s Emergence

Established in March 2023, TrollWall introduced a groundbreaking AI-powered software solution that effectively combats the escalating issue of toxic comments on social media platforms. Their innovative software, capable of concealing “hateful comments,” extends its reach to Facebook, Instagram, and many online platforms.

A Shift Toward Zero-Hate Discourse

A standout feature of TrollWall is its unique ability to empower content moderators, transforming them into conversation facilitators. At the heart of this transformation is TrollWall’s advanced AI technology, enabling content moderators to transition from battling hate speech and toxic language to nurturing meaningful conversations with supporters. This shift signifies a remarkable leap forward in navigating the online world and not only enables the protection of brands but also makes communication operations more efficient.

TrollWall and the Czech Presidential Campaign

TrollWall’s significance extended beyond content moderation as it played a pivotal role in the campaign of Petr Pavel, the winning Czech presidential candidate. The campaign strategically employed TrollWall to screen hate speech and disinformation on their social media channels. This powerful tool effectively obscured tens of thousands of slanderous and hateful comments each month, accounting for 25% of the total.

For TrollWall to achieve this level of effectiveness, understanding specific national language nuances was crucial. Mastering nationwide phrases, such as those used in the Czech language, was paramount to ensuring the tool’s success. The startup has specialized in actively learning AI-based language models to work with local specifics and the peculiarities of different European languages. The algorithm actively learns from the feedback, making the application even more efficient in the dynamic language environment.

The TrollWall toolkit includes an autopilot for moderation that automatically hides toxic and vulgar comments, ensuring a safe and respectful online environment. Content moderators have complete control and visibility, allowing them to review hidden comments and manually unhide them if necessary.

The AI Hate Detector is trained on real comments and excels in detecting word variations, providing comprehensive protection. Moreover, the custom keyword detector empowers users to create their blacklist of phrases, automatically blocking comments and URLs containing them.

TrollWall also includes a Disinformation Websites Detector, preventing accounts from spreading links to conspiracy-related websites. With real-time functionality, Livestream Moderation safeguards streaming content, and Ads Moderation protects paid campaigns from unwanted intrusion. The complexity of this technology ensures the online world remains a place for constructive dialogue and positive engagement.

A Lesson in Countering Disinformation on a Large Scale

The Petr Pavel campaign is an inspirational example of how disinformation can be effectively countered on a large scale. Their victory underscores the importance of proactive strategies in preserving democratic values. It demonstrates that the battle against disinformation can lead to positive outcomes with the right tools and approaches, setting a valuable precedent for others to follow.

The omnipresence of hate speech and toxic comments make TrollWall’s innovative approach practical and represents a transformative shift in online content moderation. By empowering content moderators and enabling brands to focus on their supporters, TrollWall is paving the way for a more inclusive, respectful, and constructive online world. It seems that the company found the ideal solution by using the power of AI to foster respectful public discourse in the digital age.


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