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Title: Payflows Secures €25 Million Series A Funding to Revolutionize Finance Team Operations

In a groundbreaking development, Paris-based Payflows has successfully raised €25 million in its Series A funding round. This significant investment is poised to reshape the landscape of finance team operations by establishing a robust command center for seamless integration and enhanced workflows.

Led by Balderton Capital, with continued support from existing investors Headline and Ribbit Capital, this funding round underscores the growing recognition of Payflows’ transformative potential in the financial technology sector.

Founded in 2022 by former Luko executives Pauline Glikman and Joseph Assouline, Payflows emerges as a beacon of innovation in response to the shortcomings of legacy systems plaguing finance functions. Recognizing the entrenched issues of siloed operations and manual tasks, Glikman and Assouline set out to craft a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of finance teams.

At the heart of Payflows’ mission lies the creation of a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. By offering real-time visibility, enhanced collaboration, and increased productivity, Payflows empowers modern finance teams to transcend the limitations of traditional workflows.

CEO Pauline Glikman articulates the vision behind Payflows, describing it as the “missing piece in the CFO toolkit.” With its modular architecture, Payflows allows finance teams to customize workflows without the need for complex coding or expensive consultants, placing real-time control firmly in their hands.

Beyond its innovative approach, Payflows addresses the diverse needs of scaling companies, particularly those grappling with complex regulations and multi-market operations. By offering a cost-effective alternative to legacy ERP tools, Payflows enables customers to selectively adopt product modules that seamlessly integrate into their financial ecosystem.

The platform’s impact is already reverberating across industries, with notable customers such as Swile, Ornikar, Spendesk, and Podimo testifying to its efficacy. François-Guillaume Lutton at Reezocar (Group Société Générale) highlights Payflows’ ability to break silos and optimize costs, underscoring its appeal to businesses seeking streamlined financial operations.

Rana Yared, General Partner at Balderton Capital, commends Payflows’ commitment to simplifying the CFO tech stack, emphasizing its potential to accelerate productivity and reduce operational costs. This sentiment is echoed by Jonathan Userovici, General Partner at Headline, who applauds Payflows’ holistic approach in addressing CFO pain points.

With the support of visionary investors and a growing roster of satisfied customers, Payflows is poised to redefine the future of finance team operations on a global scale. As the demand for innovative solutions continues to soar, Payflows stands ready to lead the charge towards a more efficient and interconnected financial landscape.


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