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Polish Startup Proofs Secures €2.4 Million to Speed Up Development of Proof-of-Concept Apps

Warsaw, Poland – Polish startup Proofs has raised €2.4 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize the way companies build proof-of-concept applications (POC apps) for potential customers. Proofs uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the POC app development process, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with it.

Traditionally, building POC apps can take months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, limiting the number of prospects companies can serve. Proofs leverages AI agents to streamline this process, enabling companies to build POC apps in minutes for just a few hundred dollars. This allows them to serve all potential customers, not just those deemed most commercially viable.

The startup is co-founded by Bartek Pucek, a seasoned angel investor, and Zbigniew Sobiecki, a serial entrepreneur with experience as a CTO. Proofs’ leadership team boasts experience working with companies like Google, Decathlon, and Ten Square Games.

“API-based businesses are hemorrhaging money on building proof-of-concept applications,” says Bartek Pucek, CEO of Proofs. “With Proofs, companies can serve all their prospects and convert more leads into paying customers, all without breaking the bank.”

The €2.4 million funding round will be used to further develop Proofs’ AI-powered platform, hire new talent, and focus on acquiring mid-market and enterprise customers in the United States.

This investment highlights the growing need for solutions that streamline the sales process for API-first companies. Proofs has the potential to disrupt the software development and sales landscape by making POC app creation faster, cheaper, and more accessible.


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