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Ukrainian Startup Beholder Receives Gift from PRNEWS.IO at Latitude59 Pitch Competition

The Latitude59 Pitch Competition, held from May 22-24, 2024, in Tallinn, has concluded with Beholder, a Ukrainian startup, emerging as the top winner. The event, a key highlight of the international startup and technology conference Latitude59, saw Beholder securing the largest investment of €600,000. In addition to this significant funding, Beholder received a special gift from PRNEWS.IO, a leader in sponsored content services in Europe.

The competition, which took place at Tallinn’s Kultuurikatel, attracted 526 startups from 53 countries, showcasing innovative solutions across various sectors. Beholder, recognized for its cutting-edge technology for creating a highly accurate geological atlas of the Earth’s interior, impressed the judges and secured the top prize. This technology promises to revolutionize the mining industry by enabling more environmentally friendly and efficient operations.

“This is a victory of the hardworking team and it is well deserved. We will continue to expand our tech to deliver more geological insights for our customers. I would love to create a geological atlas for Ukraine with Beholder to unveil the economic potential of the country’s resources and bring transparency to critical mineral exploration globally”, said Andrey Sevryukov, CEO and Founder of Beholder.

In addition to the €600,000 investment from Specialist VC and EstBAN, Beholder received a range of additional awards, including €15,000 in legal services from Fondia legal, €5,000 in Google Cloud Credits, and €500 in PR support from PRNEWS.IO. PRNEWS.IO’s contribution is particularly noteworthy as it underscores the importance of effective communication and media presence for startups looking to scale their impact globally.

“Supporting fellow Ukrainian innovators is a source of immense pride for us at PRNEWS.IO,” said Alexander Storozhuk, Founder of PRNEWS.IO. “Beholder’s groundbreaking work in geological mapping is a testament to the incredible talent emerging from Ukraine. Our platform will provide Beholder with valuable media coverage, helping them reach a broader audience and attract further investment.”

The other two winners of the Pitch Competition were AskToSell from Lithuania and GaltTec from Estonia. Latitude59, now in its 12th year, brought together over 3,500 attendees, including more than 900 startup representatives, nearly 600 investors managing portfolios worth at least €30 billion and 20 national delegations. The conference featured 195 speakers, 40% of whom were women, highlighting the diverse and inclusive nature of the event.

PRNEWS.IO, participating for the third consecutive year, played a pivotal role in the event by showcasing its on-demand content marketplace, hosting a side event for media professionals and startup stakeholders, and awarding the Pitch Competition winners. 


PRNEWS.IO’s content marketing platform helps companies build a strong brand presence and effectively share news and stories with desired target audiences. Its extensive global network connects brands with over 100,000 media outlets across 194 countries, enabling them to purchase article placements without hiring processes or long-term commitments.

Founded in Estonia by Ukrainians in 2018, PRNEWS.IO operates on a service-as-a-product (SaaP) model, leveraging big data for predictable brand communications through media stories. Additionally, the company serves as a provider for the Estonian government-issued digital identity and status program, e-Residency.


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