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Vilnius Startup Granta Autonomy Secures €1 Million to Revolutionize Reconnaissance Missions

Granta Autonomy, a pioneering Vilnius-based drone startup, has successfully secured €1 million in seed funding to advance its autonomous UAV technology for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. The funding round was led by ScaleWolf VC, a prominent Lithuanian dual-use tech VC Fund and Accelerator, with contributions from Brolis Defence and HFL Holdings.

This new investment will enable Granta Autonomy to expedite the development and production of its state-of-the-art lightweight surveillance UAVs, micro gimbals, and digital Datalink software, which have been rigorously tested on the front lines in Ukraine.

Founded in 2015 by former military engineers Gediminas Guoba and Laurynas Litvinas, Granta Autonomy specializes in reconnaissance UAVs, lightweight gimbals, and unique Datalink software. Their hand-launched Hornet UAVs are currently deployed by NATO forces across Europe, and their micro gimbals, known for being the lightest direct-drive gimbals available, are used by a variety of partners for their reliability and performance.

The micro gimbals from Granta Autonomy are equipped with powerful cameras capable of capturing clear daytime images at distances up to 5 kilometers and providing crucial thermal vision for nighttime operations, ensuring 24/7 mission success.

“The battlefield is evolving, requiring robust, reliable, and flexible solutions from Western armies. Granta Autonomy is dedicated to manufacturing our systems across Europe to reduce reliance on external sources. This funding will allow us to increase production capacity for large-scale deployments,” said Gediminas Guoba, founder and CEO of Granta Autonomy.

Granta Autonomy’s latest UAV, the Hornet XR, is designed for covert missions with features such as a hand-launch capability, silent flight lasting up to 3 hours, and a range of up to 160 kilometers.

Edvinas Kerza, Managing Partner at ScaleWolf VC and former Vice Minister of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, praised Granta Autonomy: “Gediminas and his team have impressed us with their groundbreaking technology and vision. Their innovative approach to surveillance and reconnaissance technology can transform how armed forces conduct complex reconnaissance missions. We proudly support their mission and anticipate their autonomous UAVs making a significant impact on future battlefields.”

This funding marks a significant milestone for Granta Autonomy, positioning them to enhance their technological capabilities and production scale, contributing to the evolving needs of modern warfare.


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