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Good News for Parents: Screen-Free Walkie-Talkies for Kids!

London-based startup KARRI has secured £775,000 in funding to develop a new kind of walkie-talkie for children. This isn’t your childhood walkie-talkie though! KARRI is designed to give parents peace of mind without the worry of exposing their kids to the dangers of the internet on smartphones.

Safe Communication for Young Explorers

Many parents struggle with the balance of giving their kids freedom to explore while keeping them safe. Smartphones offer connection, but also open the door to inappropriate content and screen addiction. KARRI offers a simple solution: a data-enabled walkie-talkie designed for kids aged 4-10. It’s rugged, waterproof, and lets kids chat with a simple push of a button.

More Than Just Talk

Parents can stay connected too! Through a secure smartphone app, they can receive and send messages, track their child’s location via GPS, and even set up safe zones with automatic alerts if their child wanders too far.

Play Without Limits

KARRI isn’t just about parent-child communication. Kids can also use channels to talk to each other and approved family members, all managed through the parent app.

Focus on Real-World Play

“We believe we’ve overprotected kids in the real world while leaving them exposed online,” says KARRI founder Pete Clifford. “KARRI helps by giving parents an alternative to smartphones. It’s a simple, reliable, and screen-free solution.”

Strong Investment in Safe Play

KARRI’s funding round was led by 468 Capital and included prominent angel investors. This backing will help them move from prototypes to mass production with a planned UK launch.

KARRI expects to ship its first devices by the end of August, so get ready for a new era of safe, screen-free communication for kids!


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