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InstaRE, the social network of real estate agents, arrives

InstaRE is the first major community for Real Estate Agencies, where agents can easily post photos and videos of the properties they deal with.

Thebrainchild of Stefano Martini, a real estate agent since ’95, InstaRE is not “the usual classifieds portal” but a complete platform that combines the speed and immediacy typical of an image-based social network with the convenience of a comprehensive platform full of tools for daily work management and training.

Stefano Martini, InstaRE founder.

What are the features that distinguish InstaRE from more classic ad portals?

“First of all, on InstaRE only real estate agencies can post their properties and I know that this will please their colleagues very much,” stresses Stefano Martini, CEO and Founder of the startup InstaRE. Private users have the opportunity to view proposed properties and interact with agents but they cannot in turn upload their own property for sale.

Second, the interaction with listings is more in line with the habits acquired by most customers through the use of the social network… Potential buyers view photos of houses and apartments in the form of feeds and can, with a simple click of the mouse or tap on the smartphone screen, make an appointment completely independently, viewing the availability of the agent in charge on the calendar. Alternatively, they can call the agency directly or arrange a visit in virtual mode.”

A real estate agent, especially one who runs a multi-person agency, works 10 or 12 hours a day

InstaRE’s platform was developed in-house by the startup’s technical team and integrates third-party chat similar to Messenger to communicate directly with potential clients. Each agency has a configurable profile that serves as a showcase, where it is possible to upload, for example, photos of the team and a video that best tells about all the services offered.

How did the idea behind this startup come about?

“I have been working for almost 30 years in the world of real estate buying and selling and have been able to follow all the developments,” Martini says. A real estate agent, especially if he runs an agency consisting of several people, works 10 or 12 hours a day. We always find ourselves with our ear to the phone so that we don’t waste any sales opportunities and try to give all the attention we can to both those who are selling and those who are intending to buy. Certainly, the advent of the Internet has given us a helping hand. Listing portals are useful, but they often have a system of use that is not entirely straightforward, especially from mobile, and costs that are certainly significant. In the end you almost always have to retrieve the number and call the customer who has shown interest in a property.”

Listing portals are useful, but they often have a system of use that is not entirely immediate

Thereare still a whole series of hiccups and difficulties in our work as agents, which technology can solve and which I for one always wanted to sweep out of my daily routine. That’s why I came up with InstaRE, a tool for real estate agents designed by a real estate agent that is as fast and immediate as a social but at the same time feature-rich, like a management tool.”

The InstaRE model

InstaRE is designed to be user friendly and suitable even for those unfamiliar with technology. It will be free for everyone until December 2022. From January 2023 there will be a small monthly subscription that will not significantly impact agencies’ ongoing expenses and will be a certain price, with no additional fees or incremental increases over time.

InstaRE will be free for everyone until December 2022

Agents will always be able to post as many ads as they need to work, there is no cap. And they will be able to participate in webinars made available for free by the startup’s selected partners, or purchase the courses they are interested in.

How can technology concretely improve the daily life of the real estate agent?

“InstaRE takes the best of social networks and the latest digital technologies and makes it available to the Real Estate market, thus making possible a new way of managing the work, sales and projects of any real estate agency,” Martini stresses. Thanks to the chat and tools included in the platform, it is possible, for example, to chat with interested clients as well as organize video chats and virtual appointments to view the property. Covid-19 has taught us that the ability to offer a virtual viewing makes the difference between those who can sell in any situation and those who are stuck.

Communicating quickly and easily with clients, even remotely, is most important for a real estate agent. One can directly schedule an appointment with the client and possibly move it when needed, managing the entire communication flow within the platform. But on InstaRE there is also the opportunity to grow professionally, attending a real digital university, complete with 3D environments dedicated to numerous in-depth courses offered by certified institutions.”

The InstaRE team will screen applications to make sure that only qualified agencies and agents are on the platform, so as to ensure a pleasantly professional environment.

The first Community dedicated to the world of Real Estate will be online from late September 2022. Click here to stay updated.

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