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TechChill expands beyond the Baltics with the first startup industry event in Milan

TechChill, the leading technology and startup event in the Baltic region, took place for the 11th year in a row, attracting more than 2300 visitors, including startup representatives and media, investors, experts in various business fields, as well as technology enthusiasts from Latvia and around the world. In addition to the packed two-day stage programme, this year TechChill is expanding beyond the Baltic borders to bring the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years to southern Europe, Italy, where such a startup industry event will be organised for the first time.

TechChill Milano’s content will focus on building an innovation ecosystem, which is key to regional success; founder stories with good and bad examples of the journey from idea to startup and development stages; and “Shaping the Future”, where the focus is on technologies and solutions that make the world more sustainable. It will be the largest event of its kind in the Southern European region, bringing together global investors, startup founders, ecosystem representatives and media, and highlighting the most promising talent in the startup industry, while strengthening the local ecosystem and bringing it international attention.

Among the first currently confirmed speakers of the event are well-known names such as Roberto Bonanzinga from InReach Ventures, Lubomila Jordanova from Plan A, BOOM co-founder and CEO Federico Mattia Dolci, Mike Butcher of TechCrunch, investor and advisor Paola Bonomo, talent advisor Anna Ott of HV capital, Central Europe’s largest investment fund, and Andris K., Managing Partner of Change Ventures. Berzins, who will take to the stage alongside the brightest talents in the Italian startup industry to share their expertise and inspire the local audience.

Over the past 10+ years, TechChill, a non-profit foundation, has become a leading industry pioneer across the Baltics, supporting the local tech ecosystem and creating a platform for knowledge exchange and industry development throughout the year. As you know, the Baltic startup ecosystem is one of the fastest growing in the world, with more than 5000 startups, including 14 unicorns, currently operating in the region. However, the Baltics have great potential to attract even more foreign investment and develop a vibrant startup ecosystem at a global level.

The Italian tech sector has seen similar growth over the last decade and, as the market continues to develop, there is a need for knowledge-based support to foster the growth of the local ecosystem. Italy is also known as the hidden treasure of the European start-up industry, with a wealth of business opportunities and future potential. Scalapay, BizAway, UnoBravo, iGenius, Everli, Genenta Science, D-Orbit, Soldo, Satispay, Wise, Vedrai, Cortilia, Casavo, Shopfully and Moneyfarm are just some of Italy’s leading and fastest growing start-ups, with venture capital investment in the region now growing faster than ever. In 2021, it reached almost €1.5 billion, 30% of which came from international venture capital firms.

“Over the past decade, TechChill has grown to become the largest tech industry event in the Baltic region, actively supporting the local ecosystem throughout the year, and with it our ambition to become a global event has grown just as confidently. We felt it was time to take the TechChill name beyond the Baltic borders and share the experience with other European regions where the startup sector is developing at a similar pace. We are aware that we have a lot to contribute to the Italian startup hub Milan, and we can also learn a lot from the Italian experience, building a solid foundation for long-term cooperation,” comments TechChill co-founder Marija Ručevska.

“Italy is a real land of opportunity and the Italian startup ecosystem has shown rapid growth in recent years, which shows that an initiative like TechChill is very much needed in our region to foster even faster global startup development. The Northern and Southern startup ecosystems have never been connected before, but there was an instant chemistry between us and TechChill that we believed in and want to develop to the next level. That is why we are looking forward to welcoming our Baltic partners, leading experts and friends from the startup industry to Milan to exchange knowledge and foster further transnational collaboration,” adds Andrea T. Orlando, investor, entrepreneur and activist in the Italian startup ecosystem.

TechChill Milano will take place from 27 to 29 September at Bocconi University in Milan and is organised by Italian startup ecosystem activists together with the home-grown TechChill Foundation.


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