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Partinc Capital AB invests in Finnish SaaS company Seidat

The Swedish investment company Partinc Capital AB invests in the Finnish SaaS company Seidat.

Seidat provides a cloud-based sales platform that enables a smooth sales flow through interactive and easy-to-use sales materials and collaboration features.

Seidat meets today’s challenges of editing, managing, presenting, sharing and analyzing flexible presentations with a platform that suits both smaller local – and larger international companies.

They are currently expanding rapidly and have an existing customer base of around 300 companies. With the support of Partinc Capital, Seidat aims to strengthen their ability to reach out to customers and further develop their platform, which is planned to be realized through several new hires this fall.

Paulus Perkkiö, CEO Seidat, Per Nordling, Partner and Chairman of Partinc Capital.

“We were first introduced to Seidat through one of our portfolio companies and through them we have seen with our own eyes how their offering helps with streamlining the sales process. Their attractive value proposition and current stage of growth make them a great investment opportunity for us. With this investment and the new inflow of capital into Seidat, we hope to help them further roll out their service to the international market.” – Per Nordling, Partner and Chairman of Partinc Capital.

“I see Partinc Capital as a strategic partner for the scale-up of our B2B SaaS business internationally. Capital is important, but it is unique to find a partnership like this with people who have had success with similar challenges in the past. We now have access to experienced investors, capital to accelerate recruitment and a network where we can share experiences with other entrepreneurs” – Paulus Perkkiö, CEO Seidat.


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