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Norwegian Contech Startup Leasi Secures €1.1 Million to Revolutionize Machine Management

Leasi, an innovative construction technology company based in Trondheim, has raised €1.1 million in pre-seed funding to advance its machine management solution. The investment round includes contributions from global contractor Skanska, top early-stage investor StartupLab, Gnist Capital, and Weseed, along with grants from Innovation Norway.

Founded in 2022 by three master’s students, Leasi has quickly gained traction in the construction industry. Skanska’s investment highlights the industry’s need for a robust system to optimize machine fleet composition and usage. Skanska, unable to find suitable market solutions, turned to Leasi, whose founders had already engaged over a hundred industry players to identify gaps and refine their solution.

“We aim to establish Leasi as the industry standard globally, and having a leading player like Skanska recognize our value is incredibly validating. Interest from other global actors excites us for the road ahead,” said Scott A. Bekke, CEO of Leasi.

In January, Leasi signed a contract with Skanska, and interest has surged, reaching as far as Japan. “Bringing Skanska and StartupLab onboard enhances our credibility and market reach. The collaboration accelerates our transition from development to testing and implementation, fostering innovation and faster delivery,” added Bekke.

Leasi’s software consolidates data from all machines and equipment, providing insights on operations, maintenance, utilization, emissions, capital allocation, and financial information. For Skanska Norway, Leasi manages over 8,000 machines and equipment units.

“Leasi understands our needs and developed a solution to meet them. Their flexible technology adapts as our requirements evolve, enhancing our efficiency and competitiveness,” commented Anders Geirsta, Executive Vice President of Civil Construction at Skanska Norway.

Bekke values the collaboration with Skanska, offering invaluable insights and practical experience as the solution is implemented across Skanska’s operations in 2024. “Norway leads in digitizing the construction industry, and international interest in our development is significant. With strong investors, we are well-positioned for growth both in Norway and globally,” concluded Bekke.

Leasi’s solution combines historically siloed data, enabling improved operational efficiency, sustainable operations, and optimized capital allocation. Gisle Østereng, Head of Investments at StartupLab Ventures, stated, “We are delighted to invest in Leasi. We believe in its commercial and environmental benefits and look forward to contributing to the construction sector’s digitalization and efficiency.”

Leasi is set to transform the construction industry with its cutting-edge machine management technology, backed by strong industry players and investors.



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