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London Startup Peachies Scores €1.6 Million to Upend Dirty Diaper Drama

London (May 16, 2024) – Say goodbye to overflowing diaper pails and grumpy babies with sore bottoms! London-based Peachies, a posh nappy brand for modern parents, just snagged a cool €1.6 million to shake up the nappy market.

This fresh funding round comes from bigwigs in the investment world, including Anotherway Ventures, known for backing purposeful consumer brands, and Antler, a global VC firm. Even angel investors, like the founders of the cool kids’ bike company Woom, jumped on board the Peachies bandwagon.

In a world overflowing with nappies, Peachies promises a premium experience. Their secret weapon? Top-notch materials and a perfect fit, leading to fewer diaper changes and happier baby bums. It’s not just about comfort, though. Climate KIC estimates that Peachies could potentially save the environment from the weight of 17 elephants worth of dirty diapers for every 1,000 babies they outfit!

“We’re thrilled to invest in Peachies,” says Jono Holt from Anotherway Ventures. “It’s a brand that gets modern parents and finally brings some innovation and sustainability to the nappy scene.”

The Peachies founders, Morgan Mixon and Rima Suppan, are no strangers to the childcare game. They’re on a mission to make parenthood a little less messy, one happy baby bottom at a time. Launched in June 2023, Peachies currently pampers UK tots with convenient monthly subscriptions delivered straight to their doorsteps.

“We’re creating a whole new nappy category,” says Suppan. “Think top-notch nappies, amazing customer service, and more sleep for parents – all thanks to fewer diaper changes and laundry loads. With this new funding, we’re ready to take Peachies national, expand our product line, and turn our nappy concierge service into a luxury experience for parents everywhere.”

Frederik Brandis from Antler agrees. “Morgan and Rima are a dream team, building a company that tackles a real need for millions of parents,” he says. “We’re excited to support them and see their success soar!”

So, long live happy babies and relieved parents! The future of nappy changes is looking positively peachy.


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