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European Craftsmen Get a Digital Boost: €12 Million Investment Aims to Modernize the Industry

Hamburg-based company Plancraft has secured €12 million to tackle the challenges faced by Europe’s skilled trades sector. The funding round, led by Creandum, a venture capital firm that has backed tech giants like Spotify, aims to revolutionize how carpentry, construction, and roofing businesses operate.

The skilled trades industry is facing a perfect storm of problems. A shrinking workforce, complicated paperwork, and an uncertain economic climate are putting a strain on small businesses. Plancraft’s software steps in to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and make vital data readily available. This frees up valuable time for craftsmen to focus on their expertise.

Plancraft isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about survival. Julian Wiedenhaus, CEO and founder of Plancraft, highlights the urgency: “Bureaucracy, labor shortages, and declining orders are crippling many businesses. Plancraft empowers them to cut through the red tape and focus on what they do best.” The company’s user base and the investment by Creandum are testaments to the growing need for digital solutions in this traditional industry.

This €12 million injection will fuel Plancraft’s ambition to build a comprehensive operating system specifically designed for European contractors. The funding will also be used to expand their product offerings and services, giving craftsmen a wider range of tools to navigate the digital age.

“Plancraft recognizes the backbone role that skilled trades play in our everyday lives,” says Staffan Helgesson, General Partner at Creandum. “They’re the ones who build and maintain our infrastructure. Their success is essential.” Creandum’s investment underscores their belief in Plancraft’s ability to lead the digital transformation of Europe’s vital craft industry.

The impact is already being felt by individual businesses. Jeroen Smeelen, owner of carpentry firm Holzbau Lübber GmbH, credits Plancraft with helping him weather a staffing crisis. “Plancraft’s remote functionality was a lifesaver,” says Smeelen. “It simplified everything from project planning to invoicing, allowing me to focus on keeping the business running smoothly.”

Plancraft’s mission to empower craftsmen through digitalization is a promising step towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for the skilled trades sector across Europe.


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