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The top 5 food tech startups in Germany

It’s no secret that the food startup wave reached Germany some time ago. At the latest with the consequences of the Corona pandemic, food tech companies have accumulated on the market like sand on the sea. In order to keep a constant eye on the situation and innovative business ideas, we at Gründerfreunde are constantly researching to capture the most exciting business ideas for you. This week, you’ll find both young companies and old hands in the food tech sector of the German startup scene.

5 revolutionary food tech startups in Germany

  • Orderbird
  • Vytal
  • Foodguide
  • Smunch
  • Eatclever


Founder: Jakob Schreyer

HQ: Berlin, Germany

Year founded: 2011

Funding: $36 million

The first candidate in our elaboration is Orderbird. An old hand among startups in the food tech industry. Orderbird’s now established iPad POS system offers a complete mPOS system for bars, restaurants, cafes and other businesses in the foodservice industry. It also offers solutions for billing, order taking, invoice tracking, digital and mobile ordering, real-time data analytics, cashless payment acceptance, reporting, accounting and more. Users* can use the Orderbird card reader for payments with Maestro and credit cards as well as for contactless payments with NFC. An innovative solution that has significantly revolutionized cashless payments in Germany’s hospitality industry. The company was founded in 2011 in Berlin by Jakob Schreyer and has received over $36 million in investments to date.


Founders: Fabian Barthel, Sven Witthöft & Tim Breker

HQ: Cologne, Germany

Year founded: 2019

Funding: $2 million

Number two on our list is a comparatively young startup in the industry. The app-based platform VYTAL, specializes in providing smart packaging solutions. The whole thing works like this: Users* purchase a membership at partner restaurants and can order a meal with the reusable trays, or borrow a tray, which they can then return to the partner restaurants. Another notable feature of this startup is that the bowls are 100% leak-proof, BPA-free and microwaveable. An easy check-out option with no deposit fees is also said to be offered. The startup’s app is available for download from both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android devices. Vytal was founded in 2019 by founding team Fabian Barthel, Sven Witthöft and Tim Breker and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.


Founders: Malte Steiert & Finn Fahrenkrug

HQ: Hamburg, Germany

Year founded: 2015

Funding: $523 thousand

Number three in the round is also a mobile app. Food tech startup Foodguide is a mobile app that allows users* to discover restaurants and dishes. The app recommends users* desired dishes and places to stop nearby. In addition, restaurants, cafes and bars in other cities can also be recommended. Foodguide allows its users to upload dishes, comment on them and also rate them. In addition, friends and personalities can be subscribed to discover new exciting eateries and culinary marvels in their respective cities. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.


Founders: Shivram Ayyagari & Oliver Hüfner

HQ: Berlin, Germany

Year founded: 2001

Funding: $21 million

Smunch is a long-established company in this research. Even though the company age exceeds the age limit of a startup, it has still been essential for the food tech startup development of Germany. Especially in the field of corporate meal events. The online company puts together menu plans for companies and delivers them. In plain language, this means that Smunch offers a canteen and office catering service for healthy lunches in companies. Smunch’s special features also include a flexible nutrition plan that delivers dishes from different restaurants directly to the office every day, depending on employees’ tastes and preferences. It also allows companies to manage their employees’ food and snack needs. Smunch’s customers include HubSpot, treatwell and many more.


Founders: Marco Langhoff, Robin Himmels & Mohamed Chahin

HQ: Hamburg, Germany

Year founded: 2013

Funding: $288 thousand

Eatclever is also one of the already established startups. The company is an internet-based restaurant headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Eatclever claims to produce freshly prepared meals in cooperation with diet experts. An offer that could be attractive especially for entrepreneurs* with a strict schedule and a healthy diet routine. The product is said to be low in fat and high in protein. The price is also attractive: each meal is said to be between 4 and 9 euros. The company’s kitchens are located in various cities in Germany. These include Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Mainz, Hanover, Wiesbaden, Munich and Lüneburg. So far, Eatclever has received investments of over 288 thousand US dollars and is one of the most well-known food tech startups in Germany.



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