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Yoreevo: The Real Estate Startup Saving Buyers Millions

Yoreevo is a New York City-based real estate brokerage that is disrupting the traditional brokerage model. Founded by two friends who saw an opportunity to provide a better and more affordable service to buyers and sellers, Yoreevo has saved its clients over $9 million to date.

How Yoreevo Works

Yoreevo’s business model is simple. Instead of charging a traditional 6% commission on a real estate transaction, Yoreevo charges just 2%, with two-thirds of that commission going back to the buyer in the form of a rebate. Yoreevo also provides full-service representation for its clients, including attending showings and negotiating on their behalf.

The founders of Yoreevo were inspired to start the company after receiving a sponsored email offering a similar service that they believed they could do better and for less money. Since then, Yoreevo has grown rapidly and has become a popular choice for buyers and sellers looking to save money on their real estate transactions.

Yoreevo’s Plan for the Future

Yoreevo’s goal for the next five years is to continue to grow its business and provide exceptional service to its clients. The company plans to invest heavily in initiatives that will improve the client experience and help reach new clients. Yoreevo believes that by continuing to invest in its business, it can take even more market share from traditional brokerages and continue to save its clients millions of dollars.

Differentiating from Competitors

Yoreevo’s biggest competitors are traditional brokerages, which still hold over 95% of the market. However, Yoreevo has proven to be a worthy competitor by providing better service for a lower price. In addition, Yoreevo differentiates itself from lower cost brokerages by providing a higher level of service. Some of Yoreevo’s direct competitors have explicit shortfalls in their service, such as not attending showings, while others simply don’t deliver as expected. Yoreevo has had multiple clients come to them after having a disappointing experience with a competitor.

In Conclusion

Yoreevo is a real estate startup that is making waves in the industry by providing a better, more affordable service to buyers and sellers. By charging just 2% commission and providing full-service representation, Yoreevo has saved its clients millions of dollars. With plans to continue to invest in the business and improve the client experience, Yoreevo is poised to become a major player in the real estate industry.

Links to Yoreevo

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