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XR Expert: The next phase of the internet can be a better place – if we want it to be

On the eve of the Metaverse, we stand with the opportunity to define the next epoch of the Internet. That’s why we need to decide what the framework of the virtual society should look like – or others will define it for us.

The article is part of the magazine ‘XR – Virtual VRevolution’, which you can read in full right here.

Don’t get me wrong. The explosion of the internet over the last 20 years has brought many really good things – among the most important free and democratic access to knowledge and information. But in the earlier stages, commercial actors had a free hand to set the commercial terms that have shaped our online lives. Without an eye for human well-being.

So we have a unique opportunity to push society in a new direction. The metaverse – or the inclusive internet – is just around the corner.

Imagine a world where the physical and digital realities have merged. When you need to find your way in a new city, you’re not looking at your phone, but through augmented reality glasses. When you invite friends over to watch football, you enter the stadium together through virtual reality.

These are just a fraction of the ways the next phase of the internet is very likely to change many corners of our society. Education, training and health in particular are teeming with growth and investment opportunities.

In Denmark, with our strong skills and traditions in design, animation, storytelling and collaboration, we are uniquely placed to succeed. With new technologies, we can continue some of the traditions for which we are already known.

But we need to understand the structures, the opportunities and the constraints. That we invest in the spread and development of virtual technologies and, as entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations, dare to explore the possibilities of the metaverse. The foundations for a new Danish leadership are already in place.

We must therefore ask ourselves what the inclusive internet should look like – otherwise others will define it for us.

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