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WP2 Investments has invested in the Center for Cannabis Medicine

Konrad Gladkowski, President of the Centre


Hemp Medicine

– We are pleased that WP2 Investments – a fund investing in companies and industries for which innovation is the leitmotif – has joined the group of our shareholders. Obtained funds will help us realize further activities related to the development of the brand. We are going to use them for i.e. development of technology which facilitates the therapy, promotion of stationary clinic in Warsaw and opening of the next facilities which we plan to start in other cities in Poland – says Konrad Gladkowski, president of Centrum Medycyny Konopnej.

WP2 Investments provides capital and strategic support for companies in their development. Most often they operate in industries such as Fintech, Biotechnology or Green Energy.

Wojciech Pysiewicz, Co-Founder of WP2 Investments

– In the Centre for Hemp Medicine innovation, business potential and the quality of managerial staff – is complemented by a real and very important social need. For our fund this is another important step towards conscious impact investing – emphasizes Wojciech Pysiewicz, Co-Founder WP2 Investments.

Center of Hemp Medicine will soon invite patients to its first stationary clinic, which will be located in Mennica Residence at Grzybowska street in the center of Warsaw. The company will also continue its online activities, offering patients so-called televisits. CMK has at its disposal a team of doctors and specialists in various fields of medicine who combine medical experience with a mission to provide patients with conscious and safe access to modern therapeutic forms, especially in those areas where traditional forms of treatment are not sufficient.

The intensive development of the Centre for Cannabis Medicine also entails changes in the company’s management board. Grzegorz Ciężadło, a manager with many years of experience in health care and pharmacy sector, who previously held a position of a Director for Strategy, M&A and Innovation in Scanmed Group, has joined it. The new board member will be responsible for building a long-term strategy for the company’s development, realisation of planned investments as well as supervision and optimisation of key operational processes.

Grzegorz Ciężadło, board member of the Centre


Cannabis Medicine

– It is my pleasure to support such an ambitious and interesting project, which is the Centre for Cannabis Medicine. Therapy with the use of medical marijuana is extremely effective, especially when it comes to fighting symptoms or delaying the progress of many diseases. It is already recommended for the treatment of patients suffering from depression, migraine, anxiety disorders, and even for those struggling with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. We are constantly learning about its new applications and we want to share this knowledge with patients – says Grzegorz Ciężadło, a board member of the Centre for Cannabis Medicine.

In Poland, medical marijuana therapy has been legal since 2017. In January this year, the Sejm referred for further work one of the three draft laws aimed at regulating the cultivation and harvesting of hemp other than fibrous for the purpose of obtaining pharmaceutical raw material.The draft assumes the possibility of cultivating medical marijuana by research institutes under the supervision of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector. It also calls for the permissible level of THC concentration in legal cannabis products to be increased to 0.3%.

According to Prohibition Partners, a British company that compiles studies on the global cannabis industry, the value of the medical cannabis market may grow to as much as EUR 2 billion by 2028.


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