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Wojciech Stawiarski (REAKTO): We offer a rapid response service using drones

Wojciech Stawiarski is a character who comes from the world of gaming. At some point in his life, he decided to open a startup that manufactures drones, stations and offers a rapid response service – primarily for security agencies and companies.

– It all started when a family mountain cabin was burglarized. My friends and I wondered how this could be countered – in such a remote and difficult to access location. Along the way, the word “drones” came up and that’s how it all started. From word to word everything got formalized, gained traction and we started to develop it fully – says Wojciech Stawiarski.

We talk to the CEO of REAKTO about drones, Industry 4.0, crowdfunding and the potential of their service in the context of security companies or intervention services. Check out the latest episode of the Podcast.

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