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What does mobility budget mean and how do I establish it in my company?

  1. What does mobility budget mean?
  2. Where does the idea of a mobility budget come from?
  3. What does it have to do with environmental protection?

What does mobility budget mean?

The mobility budget includes a certain amount of money that a company is willing to spend on the mobility of its employees. While the provision of a company car requires the possession of a driver’s license, the mobility budget offers a variety of alternative means of transportation to get from home to work and back again. For example, those who prefer to travel by public transport often do not need their own company car.

Where does the idea of a mobility budget come from?

In countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the term mobility budget is already firmly established. Numerous companies rely on this innovative way of flexibly promoting employee mobility. Thanks to the inpidual design possibilities and usable options that the Mobility Budget offers employees, they benefit from a significantly increased work-life balance. They can decide for themselves how to travel to work and for private journeys, while at the same time protecting the environment.

What does this have to do with environmental protection?

Environmental protection and employee offers can be combined in a green mobility budget. For example, if a company purchases e-bikes, e-scooters or e-cars that employees can use free of charge, they are on the one hand enjoying a form of employee offer. On the other hand, the company thereby offers its employees an environmentally friendly option for getting around. But concessions for local public transport also help to reduce CO2 emissions many times over.

Speaking of environmental protection: read our article on which climate protection laws the German government has passed – and which industries are most affected by them.

This article was first published on the corporate blog of the mobility startup ePilot Mobility.

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