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Wander startup provides tesla-houses for remote workers

The startup Wander rents out homes for vacation and remote work. These are smart homes with a single standard of comfort: control via smartphone, temperature control, fast Internet and Tesla in the garage.

The company doesn’t operate on the Airbnb model – instead, they buy the right houses with the right scenery, renovate, and rent them out. After all, having their own houses is full control over quality and technology. Now they have 5 such lodges, and by the end of 2022 they plan to increase this number to 50.

The cost of rental ranges from $350 to $900 per night. It includes all additional services such as cleaning and fueling the car.

«We’re on a mission to help people find their happy place. To build a network of smart homes across the globe you can access with the tap of a button»

The main mission of the company is to provide remote workers with a decent place to live. Because of the pandemic, more and more workers are leaving to work remotely, and the need for comfortable places to work is growing accordingly. But their number is not, so Wander considered the idea of a startup to be relevant

The startup also has a Wander Teams program to work with companies. Thanks to the program, they can give their remote employees the opportunity to work in smart homes as a reward

Future residents liked the idea, and now 35,000 people are already in line to move in, and 2,000 have already made reservations for $100.

The investors also liked the idea of the startup, since it only appeared nine months ago. The first round of investment was $7.3 million, which the company received last June. The second round happened a while ago and amounted to $19.7 million. 

With an average check of $600 a night, one such lodge can bring the company about $200,000 in revenue per year


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