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Volkswagen Poznań suspends car production for some time. This is the aftermath of the war in Ukraine

Photo: Press materials Volkswagen Poznań

suspends production because of the war

From 10 March, the Volkswagen factories in Poznań and Września temporarily suspend the production of cars. The fact that such a decision will be taken was actually known last week. The reason for this situation is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our eastern neighbor is Poland’s 4th largest trade partner when we talk about countries outside the EU.

And as the portal points out, metal products had one of the largest shares in Polish imports from Ukraine in 2020. The war disrupted the supply chain of subassemblies and components, which pushed Volkswagen to decide to halt production.

What will happen to Volkswagen employees?

Volkswagen Poznań boasts that it is the largest employer in Wielkopolska and one of the largest in the country. The company is supposed to employ about 10 thousand people and has been operating on our market for almost 30 years. The suspension of production has of course given rise to fears among employees as to what will happen to their jobs.

After all, in the years 2020-2021 Volkswagen Poznań reduced the number of its employees due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that employees are once again facing fears about their jobs. However, the journalists from Radio Poznań managed to establish the results of negotiations between the company and its employees.

It turns out that Volkswagen Poznań will maintain the salaries, but there will be no supplement to night hours or shift systems. Instead, the employees will keep their attendance bonuses. The factories are to be closed until the end of March. After that the arrangements may change. However, the suspension of production does not apply to all Volkswagen factories, as the foundry at Dêbiec in Poznañ will continue to operate as before



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