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Vitala one of 20 startups in the world has been selected for Norrsken’s Impact Accelerator

Vitala, a startup developing Sweden’s and perhaps the world’s first medical training app, which recently closed a €9 million investment round, has been accepted into Norrsken’s Impact Accelerator.

The accelerator annually handpicks 20 of the world’s hottest startups whose innovations have a clear positive impact on individuals, society and the world.

– This means a lot. I think there were over 2,100 different companies that applied from more than 120 countries. To be one of the selected companies is an honour and a real stamp of approval that we will make a big difference in people’s lives,” says Lisa Aasa, Chief Strategy Officer at Vitala.

In the accelerator, the company will receive SEK 1.25 million in pre-seed investment and an eight-week sprint with successful tech entrepreneurs as mentors. It all ends with a so-called “Demo Day” to which a hundred Swedish and international venture capitalists are invited.

– As one of the hottest startups in the Nordics, we are faced with many decisions every day, while we constantly need to think “big picture” and plan ahead. Having the opportunity to meet experienced founders who have been through the whole journey and learn from their experiences and tips is invaluable,” Lisa continues.

Kjell Öberg at Uminova Innovation has been the team’s business developer for several years and he is delighted with the team. The incubator has helped Vitala with everything from IP issues, brand platform and financing strategies, to sustainability work and investor contacts, but it is the overall approach of the incubator that Kjell believes is the success factor.

– I would describe our business support as taking a 360-degree approach to companies. We are almost like a shadow team member. We support the team at every stage and help them stay focused and make clear path choices, which is often a big challenge. Vitala has pivoted many times, and as business developers we need to work dynamically and flexibly to constantly meet the needs and connect with the specialists needed here and now. That is Uminova Innovation’s strength.

Maria Olofsson, Director of Operations, agrees and stresses that the incubator’s work to link all business support to the UN Global Goals helps companies succeed in a world where sustainability is not just about doing the right thing – it’s also smart business.

– Vitala has been on the journey as we develop our approach to supporting companies to find their maximum positive impact. That is, not just looking at the easy ways to measure sustainability or perhaps showcase what global goals they are working towards. It could be that they need to find a new market, new customers or new ways to track how they are delivering into a sustainable future. This will be crucial for startups that want to grow and attract talent, customers and investors.

For Vitala, there is little time to stop and celebrate. The to-do list is long and it’s plate in the carpet ahead.

– We are developing the product and are currently looking for the best talent, people who, like us, are passionate about medical training and rehabilitation. We will soon expand to several countries and markets where healthcare is structured differently,” says Lisa.


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