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Vasakronan and blq Invest have launched Hydda – a corporate initiative in proptech

Vasakronan has together with blq Invest started a joint company named Hydda.

The purpose of the company is to accelerate the development of new solutions in proptech.

Hydda will provide capital and expertise, but also ensure that start-up companies have access to established networks, both in the financial and real estate sectors.

Peter Östman

Hydda will become a group of niche, fast-growing SaaS (Software as a Service) companies within proptech. By bringing together new solutions and creating a common offering, the group aims to accelerate digitalisation in the real estate industry.

– We see great opportunities to build a greater whole that benefits everyone. Hydda is not the solution to everything, but with the company we hope to contribute to a faster and more efficient development, so that our customers get what they need, says Peter Östman, Business Development Manager at Vasakronan.

Hydda has already made three acquisitions – Homemaker, a digital system for residential and commercial properties that offers a digital customer journey all the way from the stakeholder stage to the aftermarket, Elbilio, a mobility solution that makes it easy to share electric cars, electric scooters and various types of bicycles, and Parkando, a digital parking operator.

Making cities more sustainable requires making them smarter. This development must be based on open and generic solutions that together create a greater whole. This is why Vasakronan, together with Akademiska Hus, Willhem, Rise, Idun Real Estate Solutions and Jönköping University, has also established RealEstateCore, an open ontology for building-related data.

– All our initiatives share the same basic idea – to find technical and digital solutions that will contribute to more sustainable cities in the long run. This benefits everyone,” says Peter Östman.


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