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TrödelSpende: The Online Marketplace with a Purpose

TrödelSpende is a new online second-hand marketplace with impact. The platform allows users to trade items in exchange for a donation to an organization of their choosing. Founded in November 2021, TrödelSpende is a relatively new company with a mission to help users move away from today’s consumer society and make a positive impact where it really matters.

The Story Behind TrödelSpende

The founder of TrödelSpende had the idea for the platform for a long time. In 2020, they planned to take a sabbatical year, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to implement the idea of TrödelSpende. After legal questions arose, they turned to co-founder Daniel Reinhardt for help. Together, they launched TrödelSpende in the fall of 2021. In early 2022, the team was accepted into the Berlin Startup School Accelerator and were able to work full-time on the idea.

The Mission of TrödelSpende

TrödelSpende’s mission is to create a world in which people no longer harm others with their consumption. The platform aims to provide users with the opportunity to make a positive impact with every consumption decision. TrödelSpende allows people to buy whatever they want with a good conscience, without destroying the planet. The platform encourages people to convert their unused possessions into donations to charitable organizations. With TrödelSpende, users can shop online sustainably and ethically. Every consumer decision has a 100% positive impact instead of a 100% negative one. TrödelSpende aims to give non-profit organizations and small NGOs a platform to gain more exposure and raise money.

The Plan for the Future

TrödelSpende is still a small company consisting only of two people. The platform’s website is already online, and the team is working hard to perfect it. They are also working intensively on the release of their app, which will make it even easier to generate donations and pass on items. The company is seeking like-minded people to help them grow and expand their reach. The team believes that sustainability is more than just a trend and is fundamental to shaping our future. TrödelSpende aspires to bring its service to as many people as possible and become an attractive alternative to support NGOs in the next five years.

Links to TrödelSpende

To learn more about TrödelSpende, you can visit the following links:


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