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Top 5 Keyword Tools 2021

Finding the right keywords for content often takes a lot of work and time. Keyword tools are supposed to help simplify this work process to save time and effort and generate content that ranks as high as possible. We have looked at which keyword tools are particularly popular this year and have found that, in addition to classic tools, very useful keyword tools are also available for free via Google.


cut a long story short, here are the 5 best keyword tools for 2021


  • Answer the public
  • Hyper Suggest
  • Google Trends
  • Google Suggest
  • Google Search Console

Popular keyword tools

Answer the Public

Let’s first deal with two individual keyword tools, independent of Google. Our first candidate: Answer the Public. This is one of the leading tools for original and popular keywords. Two search queries can be submitted here for free per day. If there is a need for more queries, the program becomes chargeable. If you enter the corresponding search query, you will get a corresponding breakdown of various related search queries. The whole thing is neatly laid out in mindmaps to allow for an orderly and clear analysis.


free (two searches per day)

per ($99/month)

Hyper Suggest

The second tool on our list is unique in analyzing search queries from different search engines. Automatically generated recommendations are collected by the keyword tool and are available here. This is especially helpful if not only Google, but also other relevant “search engines” are to be included in the research, such as Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, etc.


free (10 search queries)

per 11.90 euros/month

Eamesbot –

Keyword Tools Google

Google Trends

Since almost everyone knows the Google Keyword Planner, today we’ll look at some tools that are at least as relevant when it comes to finding the right keywords to produce SEO-relevant content.

This is where Google Trends comes into play first


As the name suggests, this tool from Google helps to track how various search queries develop in a certain time and region. In this way, trends can be identified at an early stage, so that forward planning can be carried out and a flexible response to market developments can be made.

In the

same way, it is possible to recognize which topics may no longer be relevant in terms of time.

Cost: free

Google Suggest

Let’s take a look at a few more free keyword tools from Google: Google Suggest. The surprised faces when it’s mentioned that even the simple Google search engine is already an extremely useful free keyword tool are priceless. If one enters a term in the search engine and then scrolls down to the bottom of the results, “Related Search Queries” are displayed. It should definitely not be underestimated how useful this “little” snazzy feature can be. Fundamentally, keyword search is ultimately about what search queries interest the target audience. In this context, this tool is priceless, and yet: free.

Cost: free

Google Search Console

Keeping the comparison in mind, last but


least, we discuss the last Google keyword tool on our list: Google Search Console. The task of this tool is to find out which articles or keywords are suitable to be optimized in order to generate a higher Google ranking. The tool shows for which search queries the corresponding website already ranks and also indicates the given position in the competition. In addition, it is possible to see how high the click numbers are. This tool is particularly suitable for improving the ranking of the website, or certain articles, quickly and without much time effort, by quickly updating and optimizing the corresponding articles.

Cost: free of charge

Die Top 5 Keyword-Tools 2021©


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