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Three companies receive funding now that Tregion Startup Invest is making its first investments

The angel investment company Tregion Startup Invest matches private investors with the most promising business ideas in Västernorrland, Dalarna and Gävleborg.

The initiative is backed by BizMaker, Dalarna Science Park and Movexum and aims to promote growth in the three regions.

The first investments have now been made in CRDBAG, Develog and Tini Garments.

The start-ups CRDBAG, Develog and Tini Garments will receive funding of SEK 300 000 each. The investments will enable the companies to accelerate their journey to market.

– We are very pleased to have taken the decision on the first three investments for Tregion Startup Invest. For us, it is fantastic to see the difference our investors are making in the three companies and how they are enabling them to continue to grow. They do this both through the investments but also by contributing their knowledge and experience. This gives the companies a fantastic start on their growth journey,” says Angelica Adamski, Chairman of the Board of Tregion Startup Invest.

CRDBAG develops smart storage systems that make it easy to prepare and structure film and camera equipment both on assignment, at home and in the office. The company has captured the interest of many filmmakers and photographers around the world with its product CRDPOUCH.

From left: CRDBAG, Tini Garments and Develog.

– We are very proud to have had the chance to showcase our idea and to have confirmation that more people believe in it, and want to join us on our journey. It is an important financial injection for us in the relatively early phase we are in now, where at the same time we want to be able to grow quickly in a short period of time. The money will mainly be used for product development and to further establish our brand in an international market. We are really looking forward to benefiting from the vast experience and knowledge of all investors,” says Mathias Näslund, CEO of CRDBAG.

Develog is developing a patent-pending innovation for roof and wall production in the construction sector that brings significant time, cost and environmental savings. Develog replaces a construction step traditionally done using loose wood and makes a module out of it.

– The investment is a great opportunity for us during the current stage of development. It allows us to achieve a number of critically important goals that will lay the foundation for our continued capital journey,” says Reidar Hagner, CEO of Develog.

Tini Garments is an innovative textile company creating a new niche in the fashion world. Their business concept is about fashion that requires changing buying behaviours and about moving the economic capital of the industry – from unsustainable production chains to local players, resulting in textile craftsmanship that never goes out of fashion. Tini Garments does this through designer collections that are tailored and adapted to the customer’s needs by local tailors. The focus is on sustainability all the way. From materials, to production – and throughout life.

– The investment from Tregion will not only be an important addition in scaling up our sustainable business model, it also means that we can take local production to a whole new level in the regions that have joined forces, Johanna Mörck, CEO of Tini Garments.

Tregion Startup Invest is an investment company that aims to increase the opportunities for startups outside metropolitan regions to grow with the help of external capital. About 20 investors are part of the company. Tregion invests in startups from different industries with different types of solutions and innovations that are connected to BizMaker, Dalarna Science Park and Movexum. In addition to funding, Tregion offers access to networks, exchange of expertise and matching with the right investors.


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