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The top 5 recruiting programs

Every company needs employees and a well-functioning team. For each position there are different requirements and criteria, so that the corresponding tasks can be solved efficiently and competently. However, it is not always easy and always time-consuming to recruit suitable team members. To simplify this process, there are many different recruiting programs, 5 of the best of which are presented to you in the following article.

  • Jacando Match
  • Presonio
  • Perbit
  • Prosoftrecruiting
  • Prescreen

Jacando Match

If the Swiss HR expert Jacando means something to you, you will most likely also be familiar with the recruiting software Jacando Match. By means of a matching algorithm, the software filters potential candidates and compiles an individually tailored pre-selection. In addition, there is a multiposting tool, an editor for career websites and an interface to 1-Click applications on LinkedIn and Xing. The price of the software starts at 80 euros per month. The final price depends on how many vacancies are to be filled in total. For example, 5 jobs cost 80 euros, while 10 jobs cost 150 euros, 20 jobs 290 euros and 50 jobs 600 euros.


Strictly speaking, Presonio as a whole is an HR operating system, and not just a recruiting or applicant management program. In addition to the recruiting tools, there are integrated tools for time and absence tracking, salary management, payroll and much more. The packages of the software are available in different versions and specialized in various aspects. These include job ads on over 350 different channels and a toolbox for own career websites . The program can be tested free of charge and is also available in two basic packages. The scope of the packages is calculated individually for each company. The cheapest package starts at 150 euros.


Similar to Presonio, Perbit is a software that is holistically designed for HR solutions. This includes not only seminar management, employee management and personnel costs, but also recruiting. The program can be individually adjusted to the needs of the users. Compared to the two predecessors in our list, the range of tools in the recruiting module is narrow, but all important features and interfaces are available in the program. The program’s algorithm ensures that profiles are compared and a selection of suitable applicants is filtered out. In addition, an interface to LinkedIn and Xing 1-Click applications is also available. The cost of the software program is calculated individually according to the modules. A fixed price for devices is not available with this software.


The fourth recruiting program on the list is Prosoftrecruiting. The program advertises a range of 1600 job boards where job ads can be posted. The specially developed match technology pre-selects all candidates by filtering the applications. The usability of the program is rated as extremely positive by users. The design and structure of the program are simple and serve to make it as easy as possible to use. The prices are also customizable. In general, the full program can be purchased through two software solutions: The application manager and the job manager. Both solutions cost 100 euros per month and can be extended for a surcharge of 20 euros per user. There are also one-off set-up costs of 750 euros.


Last but not least: Prescreen. Both usability and the range of functions and modules are rated positively. The dashboard shows users all the key facts and information about applications for job ads in a neatly organized manner. The integrated tools also include e-mail and CV parsing, and an additional recruiting algorithm ensures a suitable pre-selection of candidates. The design and structure of the program makes it easy to use and candidates can apply for the job via email, online form or 1-click application. Similar to the previous software solution, the price is calculated according to different criteria. Basically, it is calculated on the number of users and available vacancies. The low price of the program is 60 euros per month.



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