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The largest crypto exchange in the Nordic countries is coming to Denmark

140,000 Norwegians have already invested in cryptocurrencies through the Firi crypto exchange. This summer, Danes can also start trading on the Norwegian platform.

Soon, Danes will be able to buy and sell crypto on the Norwegian crypto exchange Firi. The platform will be launched in Denmark this summer, with the ambition to make it easy and safe to trade in digital currencies.

With Firi, users do not have to send personal information to foreign exchanges, and users can get help and guidance as well as pay taxes directly in Firi’s app.

“It is unique that Denmark now finally has an exchange that complies with all the required regulations and where the ambition is to get as many people as possible to learn about and invest in the technologies of the future. There is no doubt that the field is still new to many, and therefore I take great pride in helping to shape the understanding and desire to learn more about the topics to as many as possible,” says Karina Rothoff Brix, newly appointed Country Manager for Firi in Denmark.

More crypto investments?

Firi was founded in 2017 by Thuc Tuan Hoang and Øyvind Kvanes. The two founders saw a gap in the Norwegian market for a local crypto exchange that could offer simplicity and security for users.

The founders of Firi, Øyvind Kvanes and Thuc Tuan Hoang.

Today, the exchange has 140,000 Norwegian users, 110,000 of whom joined in 2021. Together, Norwegians have traded seven billion Norwegian kroner on the exchange.

“We are going to the Danish market with the belief that Danes and Danish companies want to know more about cryptocurrencies in order to assess whether they want to put part of their investment or savings portfolio into this new category. We see ourselves as an obvious and credible partner for anyone interested in how our society is going to evolve in blockchain and crypto,” says Thuc Tuan Hoang, CEO of Firi.

A survey by trading platform Etoro shows that 15 percent of Danish retail investors currently own cryptocurrency. That’s two percent more than in 2021.

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announces ready for crypto: launches new platform

Karina Rothoff Brix, however, expects this figure to increase when Firi launches in Denmark.

“There has been a lack of a platform like Firi in Denmark that actively works to spread the understanding of crypto and focuses on security. These two elements have been missing and have held many back from investing in crypto. That’s why I’m happy to be leading a new solution that makes it easy and safe to invest in the future through crypto,” says Karina Rothoff Brix.

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