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The founders of a new social media app

The new Swedish social media app Kiliaro was founded by four programmers with extensive experience in building companies.

The Kiliaro founders are no rookies – they have the experience required and most recently they developed the image bank together, which is now among the largest players in the Nordic region in its industry.

All four co-founders are investing their hearts and souls in ensuring that Kiliaro has a similar future, but this time on a global scale.

But what are the four most important factors that will be behind Kiliaro’s success? The question was put to the four founders. Below they list the factors they believe will contribute to Kiliaro’s success.

Unique functionality
Kiliaro’s concept is unique, not available in the world today and has a built-in virality that will contribute to great organic growth. We are taking a place in the market that is currently completely vacant. One of our watchwords is simplicity. With a clean and simple user interface, we make it easy to do one thing – share photos with people you care about. In the next 12 months, we look forward to really surprising people with new cutting-edge functionality, and that’s when Kiliaro’s real face will emerge,” says Arian.

Complete team
A few years ago, we stared blindly at trying to find talent at home. Pandemic taught us to take globally distributed work to new heights. Thanks to that, we’ve been able to build a global and complete tech team. We’re a tight-knit team now that really has the ability to develop a world-class service,” says Jonas.

Sustainability concept
We don’t make money from advertising and can therefore stand up for privacy in a real way, which is something that many other players have failed to do. That wasn’t really our intention from the start, but we see that Kiliaro is actually shaping up to be a service that cares about people’s mental health. We’ve cut out hateful concepts like likes, followers and influencers, and instead created a platform where you can interact with your real friends in a more sustainable way,” says Amir.

Global expansion
Last but not least, our success factor is to successfully execute our marketing and expansion plans. We are on the verge of a global rollout, where we are now stepping into new countries and initiating new partnerships. We need to successfully create enough brand awareness through our campaigns, partnerships, PR, etc. to get the snowball spinning. This is just the beginning – and it feels like it’s finally happening,” says Andreas.


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