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The 10 most innovative Hungarian foods

In a new initiative unique in the Hungarian retail sector, the supermarket chain has launched the Agrármarketing Centrum, the retailer sought out the best Hungarian food innovations from all over the country. At the final in Budapest on 28 September, the products judged the best by the professional jury will be presented to customers in INTERSPAR stores in Hungary next year. Due to the great success and the many excellent entries, the organisers plan to continue the competition.

This initiative, which is a unique initiative in the Hungarian retail sector, is a professional cooperation between SPAR and the Agricultural Marketing Centre (AMC) and promotes domestic product innovations. During the two months of the competition, the organisers looked for creative, sustainable food products that are already available on the Hungarian market but not widely available. The winning products selected through the competition will be on the shelves of 34 INTERSPAR stores in Hungary in 2020.

The final of the competition will take place in 2019. National Agricultural and Food Exhibition on 26-29 September 2010and Fair took place on Saturday at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fairgrounds. During the exciting finale on 28 September, the competing teams held public product demonstrations and presentations. At the SPAR stand in Pavilion A, visitors were able to get an insight into the company’s SPAR enjoy. brand of the SPAR company and the best products from the SPAR Lifestyle programme.and some of the delicacies from the Regnum Meat Plant and Training Centre, which is 15 years old this year.

The supermarket chain has been actively promoting domestic products since its foundation. The company has always considered it important that Hungarian producers, manufacturers and processors have a prominent role in the development of its product range: SPAR’s domestic suppliers account for 95% of the total, and for certain product groups, only goods produced in Hungary are sold.

The competition was met with great interest, with 269 entriesThe large number of entries, which exceeded expectations, was a great success.judged by a jury of experienced professionals, including food and drink producers, whoand food and drink, as well as in the application of environmentally friendly technologies. Gergely Giczi, Deputy Managing Director of AMC, and Réka Szakter, Head of the Exhibition and Event Management Office, participated in the jury’s work.SPAR was represented by Gabriella Heiszler, Managing Director, Krisztina Várkonyi, Purchasing Manager and Nikoletta Bene, Marketing Manager.

The competition jury ranked the projects of the competing teams from 1 to 5, mainly based on innovativeness, quality of packaging and marketability. The judging criteria were based on how interesting, unique and holistic the product technological processes are used in its production or it contains unique solutions in its ingredients. The environmentally friendly, fashionable and user-friendly packaging was also important. The marketability of the product was also taken into account – from the tasting to theand tasters’ opinions, the expected customer experience.

SPAR and AMC, the organisers of the initiative, are satisfied with the quality of the competition. The increased interest and the diverse product developments show an encouraging picture for the future of food retailing and product development in Hungary. Hungarian producers and manufacturers are sufficiently resourceful and are moving at a good pace with changing consumer needs. The company and the organisation therefore intend to continue the product innovation competition to ensure that theto continue the product innovation competition in order to effectively support the development of the domestic food industry through a fruitful cooperation.

“Quality Hungarian food products are gaining ground in our stores, thus contributing to the development of the Hungarian agri-food and processing industry. This year’s Hungaricool by SPAR innovation competition, with the professional support of the Agricultural Marketing Centre, also serves this purpose.The aim of this initiative is to help our hypermarket customers to discover more new and original Hungarian food products next year. The 300 or so participants in the competition are a great achievement and a guarantee of the longer-term potential of the competition.The Hungarian food retail sector has a long-term potential,” said Gabriella Heiszler, Managing Director of SPAR Hungary.

“With this initiative, the Agrarian Marketing Centre aims to promote innovation in the small and medium-sized food sector in Hungary. The aim of the initiative is to stimulate the innovation of the Hungarian food industry, to expand the range of exportable food products and to support the overall Hungarian food exports. The large number of entries to the product innovation competition, which attracted a large number of participants, is a success.We have seen many unique and excellent products,” added Gergely Giczi, Deputy Managing Director of AMC.

The winners of the Hungaricool SPAR Innovation Competition 2019 with the professional support of the Agricultural Marketing Centre:

  1. Vagamary Ltd. – Chilled desserts
  2. Gábor Piros small-scale producer – Smoked quail eggs
  3. Prizma-Bautim Ltd. – Spreadable fats
  4. Attila Fejes – Onion Fund – Onion Fund
  5. Hétvezér Product Kft. – Sausage and salami specialities
  6. Anjuna Ice Pops Ltd. – Ice creams
  7. Shrub Hungary Kft. – Soft drinks
  8. Mendula Bakery Kft. – Granolas
  9. Caro Ferina Vadhúsfeldolgozó Kft. – Pâtés
  10. Sandy Heart Social Cooperative – Sauces and jams

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