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Technology companies can support Ukraine. The #TechForUkraine campaign has been launched

In the face of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian NGOs must look for new ways to further support civil society in Ukraine and provide humanitarian aid. And this is where technology companies can step in with their support!

Since the Russian invasion in 2014, Ukraine has developed an extensive system of charitable organizations. However, technological issues such as IT infrastructure, security systems and software are still at the bottom of the list of needs. Organizations often lack the human, time and financial resources to expand technologically. And while we all live in an era of digital transformation, many nonprofits have not had the chance to take advantage of it until now.

– Ukrainian organizations need to adapt their structures and action plan to the requirements of the digital world,” says Bogdan Maslych, head of the Ukrainian foundation GURT Resource Center, which is a campaign partner on the Ukrainian side. – Foundations often do not have their own resources to build effective technological solutions. We need the support of professionals, as digitalization is a necessity today. Without it, it is difficult to conduct aid activities and make an impact on Ukrainian society,” he adds.

Improving cyber security

Technology influences our reality. It makes it more predictable and safer. This is what Ukrainian nonprofits are missing. Hence, the appeal to technology companies to build solutions for the most pressing needs: cyber security (especially in the face of recent massive cyber attacks on Ukraine), facilitating secure communication with donors and mentees, and building information sharing systems.

The campaign is open to any technology company that is willing to devote its resources and time to a joint project with the selected organization. Assistance is provided on a pro bono basis. An application can be submitted here.

– The IT company community has shown its solidarity many times before. Leaders of technology companies have responded in the case of such phenomena as the migration crisis or the Covid 19 outbreak, but many of them regularly support charitable organizations. Now Ukrainian non-profits need support more than ever, and Tech To The Rescue bridges the gap between those who operate operationally on the ground and those who are willing to serve with their talent and expertise,” says Jacek Siadkowski, director and co-founder of Tech To The Rescue.

The activities of Tech To The Rescue are also supported by the International Organization of Social Innovators Ashoka.

Tech To The Rescue

The Tech To The Rescue Foundation was founded in March 2020 as a coalition of 10 European technology companies. Since then, more than 250 IT companies and 300 non-profit organizations have joined the platform to work together to find effective solutions to the most pressing social and environmental problems.

Projects completed so far have positively impacted the lives of one million people in 12 countries and cover areas such as:

  • Cyber Security – CQure audited security features for Polish Humanitarian Action and introduced new systems to protect against so-called “social hacking”.
  • PublicHealth – Clorce built a system on the Salesforce platform to coordinate hospitals during the peak of a pandemic.
  • Donations and Partnerships – SEOFly supported the Good Food Institute by increasing website visibility to attract partners, donors and staff.


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