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Tech To The Rescue with a $500k grant and support from a team of Fellows

Tech To The Rescue is a foundation that helps nonprofits build digital solutions through pro bono support from technology companies. A few weeks ago, Tech To The Rescue launched the #TechForUkraine campaign, which has already connected over 35 digital support projects for non-profits in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

Thanks to a grant and the support of Fellows, Tech To The Rescue will launch dozens of new projects and sustain the #TechForUkraine campaign for another year, positively impacting the lives of up to two million Ukrainian refugees.

A team of Fellows will support Tech To The Rescue pro bono for six months and work with the TTTR team to build technology products for Ukraine. This is a new support model in the Tech To The Rescue portfolio.

– We are very happy that a global technology company like Google believes in our mission to make meaningful change through technology. With the grant and the support of the Fellows team, we will be able to continue the global expansion of TTTR. We look forward to working with experts – say Jacek Siadkowski and Daniel Di Giusto, founders of Tech To The Rescue.

100 projects to help Ukraine

Tech To The Rescue will use the donated funds to expand its team, allowing it to sustain #TechForUkraine for another year without abandoning other projects. The financial support will allow TTTR to connect approximately 100 projects for nonprofits in the CEE region, as well as hire local foundation representatives in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova, which will significantly increase scale and make it easier for organizations to access technology partners.

– From coordinating humanitarian aid to providing refugees with access to information, the #TechForUkraine campaign allows nonprofits to get the help they need. We are excited to support Tech To The Rescue through a grant and Fellowship. Together we can strengthen the work of NGOs working for Ukraine. Our support of TTTR is part of Google’s broader commitment to respond to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine., Google and its employees have so far committed more than $35 million in aid to charities in the region and are working to address long-term needs, adds Jen Carter, Global Head of Technology at

The #TechForUkraine campaign

Tech To The Rescue launched the #TechForUkraine campaign on February 23, 2022, the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since then, more than 540 companies from 40 countries have signed up to support nonprofits working for Ukraine. Among them are Amazon Cloud Services, Orange, Salesforce, Allegro, Netguru, Divante, Boldare, Nocodely, Astek, Servsoft, Droids on Roids, Twilio, Nord VPN, 10Clouds, Codility, RTB House or Packhelp.

Projects to help organizations improve and scale their operations were submitted by 100 nonprofits from Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and the United States, among others. 35 projects have found a technology partner, and some have already been launched – including – a platform that collects verified offers of assistance for Ukrainian refugees, – the first and only map in Ukrainian that provides information on available medical and humanitarian aid, and – an NFT charity collection supporting Ukraine and its citizens.

Other projects already in advanced stages include a volunteer management system, an application to access medical aid in Ukrainian, and a system to manage data about palliative care hospital beds in Ukraine.

Tech To The Rescue Foundation was founded in 2020 as a response to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with 17 founding partners from the CEE region supporting the initiative. Since then, more than 2,000 companies and freelancers have joined Tech To The Rescue. The projects developed by Tech To The Rescue have positively impacted the lives of one million people in 12 countries.


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