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Sweden’s next app success secured further funding

After the House:ID app (which helps homeowners keep track of everything from interest rates and insurance terms to renovation receipts, material costs and energy declarations) went live in the summer of 2021, the company has now landed another round of investment, ensuring continued expansion.

At the same time, the customer base is growing at a steady pace.

House:ID has recently secured 6 million to be used for further expansion of the fast-growing app, which currently has just over 10,000 active homeowners. The app was publicly released in Sweden in the summer of 2021 and is aiming for a global market. Housing is paradoxically both hyper-local and global. House:ID is being developed to help homeowners in a local market around the world, and having a home will never go out of style. The market is huge. Symbolically, the organisation is being built at Mindpark in Hyllie where proximity to the world, via Kastrup, is palpable and construction is constant. Behind the company are the two founders Pontus Andersson CEO (former e-commerce director and marketing manager for Bergendahls) and Mikael Olsson business developer (co-owner Ridgeback Business Development AB) and chairman Fredrik Hansson (former CEO of the Colorama chain).

– Thanks to securing our latest round of investment, we can accelerate our intensive expansion pace with even more vigour and continue to develop the service and our collaborations with business partners who want to contribute to the social benefit that our application offers to all homeowners in Sweden and in the future also abroad. Says Pontus Andersson, CEO of House:ID

How House:ID works

Pontus Andersson, CEO HOUSE:ID

BankID is used to link your private data with your home’s data during the time you own your home. This way, no information leaves the home regardless of ownership. Only your private data is lifted to when you log in to the next House:ID. House:ID is built like two Lego blocks. One for private information that is moved between homes you own and one for information that remains in the home regardless of ownership and therefore stays in the home. After House:ID has verified the correct owner of the home, the two Lego blocks are connected. No information is lost when ownership changes, nor is any documentation ever “lost”. Safe, simple and efficient.

– The service is highly secure and requires verification using a digital BankID.

– All information is retrieved at the request of the homeowner and all data is stored encrypted in the cloud and is securely stored.

– House:ID’s privacy policy prohibits them from sharing information about an individual home and its contents without the owner’s permission. No information is ever disclosed to third parties without consent.

The app and you can:

– Automatically retrieve information for over 3 million products from the world’s most recognized brands. You do it easily by scanning or searching in the app.

– Link receipts to products or projects. All receipts are accumulated in total and sorted by category with those that are deductible itemised so the owner is always aware of how much is deductible if/when they later sell. This separate accounting is also automatically included in a preliminary tax calculation.

– Documents such as drawings, energy declarations, inspection reports, chimney sweep reports, etc. are automatically downloaded.

– Insurance conditions are also automatically downloaded and connected for easy contact. The owner can see all conditions, compare his cost with the average. And last but not least, the owner receives a reminder 30 days before the conditions are due for renewal. This means that every policyholder has the opportunity to contact their company well in advance to avoid the traditional 3-15% increase that occurs from year to year. The same applies to banking information.

– And with maintenance plans, the owner can get reminders of what needs to be done and when.

In conclusion and in short, House:ID helps homeowners easily keep track of everything about their home. All this information and more help is just a tap away in the app. Safe, effective and simple.


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