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Strategic partnership between SETE and Foresight for the development of the innovation ecosystem

The Long-Term Strategic Planning & Development Group Research for the Future (Foresight) and the Hellenic Development Investment Bank SA (Hellenic Development Bank of Greece, formerly known as TANEO), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), where they agreed to cooperate in the direction of knowledge exchange on developments in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship support, aiming to design joint actions.

The occasion was the common realization that developments in the Greek innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem are influenced by wider social, economic and environmental developments, which are analyzed by the Working Group in the context of its work, while at the same time, the mapping and analysis of emerging challenges, especially in the fields of new technologies, as well as the exploration of appropriate financing tools can be best achieved with the substantial contribution of SETE. Thus, strategic analyses in the areas of competence of the Foresight Group can be effectively used by SETE in the context of its mission to transform the economy and create sustainable enterprises.

The cooperation between the two sides starts with an important scenario development project, entitled Innovation 2035″, which will explore the trajectory of the innovation ecosystem in Greece. The focus will be mainly on the process of developing the innovation ecosystem and how Greece and the EU will support new ideas that can lead to sustainable economic growth, as well as on the future profile of Greek Start-ups and the emergence of areas of investment interest, etc. The research will be implemented by the UNESCO Chair on Futures Research (PRAXI/FORTH Network) in collaboration with the Foresight Group under the Presidency of the Government.

It was also agreed, as part of the cooperation between the two sides, that the Foresight Group will systematically inform the NATE on the alternative scenarios developed by the Group on the major challenges of the future (on the environment, energy, labour relations, artificial intelligence, agri-food, tourism and demography). In addition, SETE will provide expert information on venture capital market developments in the innovation and start-up ecosystem and emerging challenges in general. Finally, EIF representatives will be invited to Foresight Group meetings related to its areas of competence and vice versa, with the aim of taking joint initiatives and identifying proposals that could enhance the development of long-term national action plans.

Statements follow:

  • For the

Yannis Tsakiris, Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, said . At the same time, it will also be able to design new innovative products in order to make a maximum contribution to the financing of innovation in Greece through expanded venture capital tools.”

  • For the Team Foresight

The Chairman of the Foresight Team, Yannis Mastrogeorgiou said. Major policy initiatives should be based on strategic foresight, ensuring that Greece’s policies – and the EU – are based on a clear understanding of future trends and emerging issues, possible scenarios and associated challenges and opportunities.”

Vice Chair of the Foresight Group and Head of the UNESCO Chair on Futures Research, Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, noted: “Working with NATE is an excellent opportunity to start exploring the future of innovation in the country. The resulting scenarios can help in policy making and identifying new opportunities, and we hope they will be a useful tool for public and private actors.”

  • For the EATE (ex-TANEO)

The President of EATE (p.TANEO), Prof. Harris Lambropoulos, said: “Supporting and financing innovation is a core mission of EATE. In the new era that is taking shape, innovation, wherever it comes from, is the catalyst for prosperity and sustainability. With an eye on the future, any relevant action, such as our collaboration with the Foresight Group, contributes to the joint effort to strengthen policies for our country’s ecosystem.”

Antigoni Lyberopoulou, CEO of EATE (ex-TANEO), added: ” EATE ‘s main priority is to contribute to every effort aimed at promoting the potential of our country. It is with great pleasure that we cooperate with the Foresight team in order to identify trends, put together the necessary forces and take initiatives to promote and support the opportunities that the future of innovation in Greece holds”.

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