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Startup News KW 44 | Relaunch of the Klarna App

  • Nike: registration of virtual goods
  • Netflix continues to expand gaming trend
  • Zalando faces profit slump
  • Relaunch of the Klarna app

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Innovations and developments in the startup scene

Relaunch of the Klarna App

Frankfurt, November 03, 2021 – There is news at the leading payment service provider Klarna. In addition to numerous acquisitions in recent weeks, the Swedish company is also relaunching its app. Among the latest acquisitions was PriceRunner. In addition, many new features are to be available in the Klarna app. A free shopping feature, for example, will allow users to pay with Klarna at any online store, even if it has not partnered with the startup. With virtual one-time credit cards, shopping is possible at any time. The only condition: The store must offer Visa as a payment method. With the Visa prepaid card, customer data is easily and securely transmitted to merchants.

In addition, the new wallet on the app offers loyalty programs, savings tools and live shopping events, as well as price comparisons and many other new features designed to optimize the shopping experience. It is estimated that Klarna has taken in a total of $3.7 billion. Of that, about $300 million was spent on corporate acquisitions last year.


Nike: signing up virtual goods

Beaverton, November 03, 2021 – Meta isn’t the only company gearing everything toward the virtual world. There’s another company waiting in the wings, ready to conquer the Digital World: Nike. The sporting goods manufacturer now also seems to be moving into the realm of digital reality and has applied to the Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark for virtual goods. The company has secured digital apparel versions of “Just Do It,” “NIKE,” “Air Jordan” and “Jumpman.” Now the virtual goods are to be produced and marketed by Nike itself. The company already has partnerships with Roblox and Fortnite.

Zalando must forfeit profit slump

Berlin, November 03, 2021 – The third quarter holds unpleasant surprises in store for Zalando: it recently emerged that the company has to contend with a sharp drop in profits. At 9.8 million euros, this fell by 83 percent in the operating business. An enormous difference to the last figures: In the same quarter of the previous year, the profit was still 118.2 million euros. In contrast, the gross volume of goods traded on the platform increased. This rose by 25.3 percent to 3.1 billion euros. Sales increased by 23.4 percent to 2.3 billion euros.

Netflix continues to expand gaming trend

Los Gatos, November 03, 2021 – Netflix is also making headlines this week: After multiple testing phases and announcements, Netflix is now rolling out its gaming offering globally. Five games are now available for download for subscribers. In the future, the streaming provider wants to further expand its offer, which is to function entirely without advertising and in-app purchases. For the time being, however, the games are only available on smartphones. The decision on whether it will also be implemented in the TV app is still being negotiated.



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