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Startup News KW 42 | MyUterus launches contraception rating platform

  • CleverConnect secures €30 million in funding round
  • Faire democratizes and digitizes retail
  • Vacation home search engine Holidu buys Spain-Holiday and merges with Bookiply
  • MyUterus launches contraception review platform

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Innovations and developments in the startup scene

CleverConnect secures €30 million in funding round

Paris, October 18, 2021 – Clever Connect, a leading provider of recruitment solutions, recently announced the successful closing of a Series B funding round. The investment was €30 million and was primarily provided by German growth capital provider Digital+ Partners. In addition, Clever Connect continues to be supported by existing core investors Citizen Capital and Sofiouest. The deployment goal of the investment, according to Clever Connect, is to secure market leadership in Europe for recruitment solutions and to conduct 155 recruitments in Germany and Europe in 2022.

Clever Connect’s CEO, Marko Vujasnovic, is also optimistic, given recent developments, “The recruitment situation will remain extremely tight in Europe over the next 24 months, related to the post-Corona recovery, significant corporate attrition and labor shortages in many sectors. Therefore, recruitment is more than ever a strategic challenge for companies”

Faire democratizes and digitizes retail

Berlin, October 20, 2021 – The U.S. online and wholesale marketplace Faire was recently able to establish itself as a first mover and thus supports small retailers in Germany from now on. The company specializes in the digitization of wholesale and now helps small retailers* optimize their competitive conditions. Faire was founded three years ago and, following its launch in the United Kingdom, is now also involved in the German market. It specifically supports fair, sustainable founders who have a background in local retail. Co-founder and COO, Jeff Kolovson, also made a statement about the new events, “Our goal at Faire is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize their dreams […] We believe that entrepreneurship is a calling. Starting a business provides a level of autonomy and fulfillment that is hard to find for many others in business. We want to foster that spirit to help entrepreneurs:inside succeed on both sides of our market.”


Vacation home search engine Holidu buys Spain-Holiday and merges with Bookiply

Munich, October 20, 2021 – Holidu, one of the leading travel tech companies, recently bought the vacation home platform Spain-Holiday and merged it with its subsidiary Bookiply. The aim of the companies involved is to make both the search and booking of vacation homes as simple and straightforward as possible for customers. Holidu is already an established company in 21 markets and is also one of the fastest growing travel tech startups in the world. Explaining the decision to acquire Spain-Holiday and merge it with Bookiply, Johannes Siebers, CEO and Co-Founder of Holidiu, said: “After our first conversations with the Spain-Holiday founders, it quickly became clear that we share the same mission: to finally make searching and booking vacation rentals easy. After all, the vacation home market is still not fully transparent and lags behind other markets in terms of technology. With the acquisition of Spain-Holiday, we are writing a new chapter for both companies by expanding our innovative technologies and a unique service in the vacation home market across Europe. We welcome our new colleagues from the Spain-Holiday team and look forward to working together on our mission.”

Insights and Info

MyUterus launches contraception review platform

Koblenz, October 20, 2021 – “The Tripadvisor for contraception” is how MyUterus founder Leonie Fries describes her company. It is no secret that female sexuality and contraception are still a gladly avoided taboo topic in our society. The founder of MyUterus now wants to fight against this. A startup by women, for women. The launch of the contraception rating platform opens a door for possible discussions and raises hopes for a future improvement in the treatment of female sexuality. The platform is designed to allow users to share their experiences with various contraceptives, rate them for satisfaction, and talk freely and transparently about side effects. “The Tripadvisor for contraception,” is how MyUterus founder Leonie Fries describes her company.

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