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Startup News KW 36 | Cooperation VW Software CARIAD with expertlead

This week (36), the topics include the new cooperation between VW software company CARIAD and HR tech company expertlead and the future of Berlin as Germany’s startup capital.

  • VW software company CARIAD founds joint venture with expertlead
  • Express delivery service Wuplo launches in Berlin
  • Nürnberger Versicherung: Legal requirements for companies
  • Bitkom press release: How Berlin should remain Germany’s startup capital
  • Eco Association study: Digitization enables climate-neutral smart cities

Just listen to the news:

Innovations and developments in the startup scene

VW software company CARIAD founds joint venture with expertlead

Berlin, September 06, 2021 – Expertlead, one of the leading HR tech companies, has recently established a joint venture with VW software company CARIAD. The new joint venture will operate under the name Futurepath and will specialize in personalized, professional recruiting of IT experts in the mobility sector. expertlead’s expertise is to support the Volkswagen Group company in not only automating this recruiting, but also in testing it technically. In addition, the specific interview process developed by expertlead with competent, experienced IT specialists guarantees a light-hearted, positive applicant experience. Thus, through Futurepath, expertlead’s expertise and the Volkswagen Group’s know-how are combined to create a customized, individualized tech recruiting and assessment experience. The shares of the newly founded joint venture are distributed as follows: While Expertlead is involved with 51 percent shares, CARIAD holds the remaining 49 percent in the company.

The goal of Futurepath is to bring together the most professional tech experts from multiple disciplines to develop and realize innovative, future-oriented mobility products at Volkswagen.


Express delivery service Wuplo launches in Berlin

Berlin, 02 September 2021 – The battle of the delivery services has finally broken out in Berlin. In addition to Gorillas and Flink, food express delivery service Wuplo is now also entering the front of the delivery services and is now challenging Gorilla, Rewe, Fink & Co to a fight. The express delivery service now also wants to supply Berlin with fresh food in record delivery times. The delivery itself is supposed to take between 10 and 60 minutes – a short delivery time, but compared to the steadily establishing competitors, a performance with room for improvement. The company was founded in 2021 by four Russians, Sergey Schetinin, Ivan Vorontsov and Evgenii and Maxim Rogover, who had already founded the established and successful delivery service FamilyFriend in Moscow in 2016. The plan is to gradually expand the delivery circle and reduce delivery time by 10 minutes in all districts in the coming months. Co-Founder Sergey Schetinin has the following to say about the latest developments: “We bring extensive and long-standing experience in the field of grocery delivery. We have already successfully implemented the establishment and operation of a profitable online and offline infrastructure for fast and reliable food delivery in Moscow. Now we are ready to bring our service to the very demanding German market. We see great opportunities for a delivery service that gives busy consumers planning security when they leave their daily or weekly shopping with us. Our time slot ordering options allow Berlin:ins to plan ahead and focus on the things that are important to them.”

Insights and info

Nuremberg Insurance: legal requirements for companies

Nuremberg, September 08, 2021 – As part of a press release, Peter Meier, an expert at NÜRNBERGER Insurance, recently provided information on the legal principles and general terms and conditions clauses that companies should pay attention to and, in particular, addressed the special features that arise in e-commerce. Although almost everyone is aware of the existence of general terms and conditions, the relevance of specific individual cases for individual industries is still often underestimated. In particular, the consequences that arise in the event of faulty GTC clauses play a decisive role. In general, copyright law applies to general terms and conditions, according to the expert from NÜRNBERGER Versicherung. In plain language, this means that anyone who uses the GTCs of another company is liable to prosecution and risks a warning. In addition, it is essential and highly relevant to regularly check that the GTCs are up to date. Do they still comply with the legal requirements and guidelines? Are there any new court rulings? Finally, Meier also pointed out that customers must always be made aware of the terms and conditions: “Those who have customers confirm the terms and conditions by clicking on them before signing the contract are on the legally safe side.

Bitkom press release: How Berlin should remain Germany’s startup capital

Berlin, September 09, 2021 – The digital association Bitkom published, a short time ago, an official overview of the positions on startup policy for the elections to the House of Representatives on September 26, 2021. It is common knowledge that Berlin is still internationally considered a relevant startup hotspot in Germany – even after various other regions have been able to catch up in percentage terms. On behalf of Bitkom, relevant questions have now been investigated that have been raised with regard to the upcoming elections on September 26, 2021. In particular, the question of how the contending parties intend to maintain and defend Berlin’s lead seems to be of concern to those affected by the startup scene. With this in mind, Bitkom asked parties that, according to the polls, have a realistic chance of entering parliament what their ideas for an innovative startup policy are. It became clear that the ideas and topics of concern to the parties revolve predominantly around cutting red tape, legal frameworks, funding, the welcome structure for foreign professionals and the awarding of public contracts. Maxim Nohroudi, Bitkom’s regional spokesman for Berlin-Brandenburg, also gave a prognosis: “Berlin is still probably the most attractive location for startups – and, thanks to its cultural scene and high quality of life, attracts many well-trained potential employees from Europe and all over the world […] For the future, Berlin should make better use of the treasure trove of innovative ideas from founders to find answers to the pressing problems of our time. To this end, public administration in particular should work more closely with startups and make the criteria for public procurement startup-friendly.”

Eco Association study: digitalization enables climate-neutral smart cities

Berlin, September 09, 2021 – “Digital applications in the smart city save resources, increase efficiency and thus make a significant contribution to climate protection.” This is one of the core findings of a recent Eco Verband study on climate protection. Thanks to digital technologies and services, high CO2 savings are possible in a smart city, which is indispensable on the way to a climate-neutral city, it said. The study identified potential CO2 savings, sustainability innovations and corresponding business models in nine segments. Among the core results of the study, it also emerged that improved traffic flows would be able to save up to 50 percent of CO2 emissions in urban car traffic in 2030. In addition, it would be possible to potentially save up to 270,000 tons of CO2 in data transport through gigabit networks. The study, “The Smart City Market in Germany, 2021-2026,” was conducted by Eco verband in collaboration with Arthur D. Little. In addition, the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication, Uber, Cloudfare and Netcologne, among others, were involved in the survey. Lars Riegel, study author and partner at Arthur D. Little, made the following concluding statement regarding the study: “Many cities and municipalities are replacing their street lighting with modern LED technologies that consume up to 70 percent less electricity. However, the major sustainability effect only becomes apparent when streetlights are intelligently networked, equipped with sensors and, in addition, the resulting infrastructure is used for smart parking systems. In this case, the burning time is reduced by a further 50 percent […] Comprehensively designed smart city platforms leverage holistic sustainability potential thanks to synergies between the segments. This creates ecosystems as drivers for additional sustainable progress.”



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