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Startup News KW 31 | Change of law: Transparency register

  • expertlead raises 9.5 million euros to connect companies worldwide with the best IT professionals
  • Start-up YourCityQuest combines classic city tour and modern scavenger hunt
  • From 01.08.2021 the transparency register will become a full register
  • First large donation reaches the campaign “Onlinehandel hält zusammen” for retailers affected by the floods
  • Bitkom press release: What startups want from the next federal government

Just listen to the news:

Innovations and developments in the startup scene

expertlead raises 9.5 million euros to connect companies worldwide with the best IT professionals

Berlin, August 02, 2021 – In a financing round, a short time ago, the HR tech company expertlead was able to grab a capital injection of 9.5 million euros. The investment is primarily intended to be useful in locating and hiring the right IT experts. Co-Founder Arne Hosemann made a statement on the latest developments: “In a market where work is still very manual, we rely on technology and automation along the entire value chain, but remain a personal contact for our customers. We gain automated access to millions of IT talents – and only target relevant candidates. Because quality is the #1 criterion in recruiting, we want to support companies in the complex task of correctly assessing the technical skills of IT candidates. No one can make this assessment better than the IT experts from our freelancer community. The eye-level technical interviews conducted remotely also result in a world-class candidate experience.”

Leading investors in the funding round included Acton Capital Partners, SEEK and Rocket Internet.

Startup YourCityQuest combines classic city tour and modern scavenger hunt

Munich, August 02, 2021 – Munich-based startup YourCityQuest is bringing the Escape Room outside. The three founders Yves Karos, András Székely and Tobias Bode. Before YourCityQuest was launched, they earned their money with Escape Rooms. Thus, their development is reminiscent of a spin-off of the popular leisure activity. On their self-developed platform, users can book scavenger hunts on their own smartphones to curiously explore cities and places. Digireal city tours ensure that the game is never boring. In the future, the startup is set to grow even further. In the meantime, over 5000 users have already used YourCityQuest. Co-Founder Yves Karos announced in the same breath the first, upcoming round of financing: “Now we’re coming to a point where we want to grow together with a strategic financier with expertise in digital B2C business models.”


As of 01.08.2021, the transparency register became a full register

Berlin, 05 August 2021 – On 01 August 2021, the Transparency Register and Financial Information Act (TraFinG), which was passed on 10 June, came into force. This means that the transparency register becomes a full register. The effect of this law is that all legal entities will have to notify their beneficial owners to the transparency register for registration without exception during transitional periods, subject to fines. In this context, all previous notification functions will be abolished without replacement. This also includes those that previously applied to stock exchange-oriented stock corporations and limited liability companies. The only exceptions are specific GmbH & Co. KG structures. Previously, the obligation to notify the transparency register was deemed to have been fulfilled if prescribed information on the respective beneficial owner could already be retrieved from other registers (GwG Section 20 (2)).

The reason for the amendment to the Act is a hoped-for optimization of the practical and digital usability of the transparency register.

First major donation reaches the “Online Handel hält zusammen” campaign for retailers affected by the floods

Berlin, July 30, 2021 – The first large donation for affected retailers* has reached the campaign “Onlinehandel hält zusammen”. The donation was organized by BVOH and Wortfilter. In view of the recent severe weather disasters and the resulting floods in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Bavaria, the organization “Onlinehandel hält zusammen” is collecting donations for affected businesses. The first donation was already amazing and clearly shows that there is no lack of solidarity in the industry. 20,000 euros was donated to the organization by the multi-channel service provider Billbee GmbH to ensure uncomplicated and rapid assistance. In times like these, everyone has to stick together – David Pohlmann, the managing director of Billbee, is also of this opinion: “We were looking for a way in which we, as a purely digital company, could help those in our industry who have suffered major material damage or, in some cases, personal injury as a result of the floods. In many cases, we’re not just talking about individual business owners, but also their employees, customers and suppliers. We became aware of the BVOH and Wortfilter campaign through an online retailer friend and hope to set an example for other eCommerce companies with our donation.”

Insights and info

Bitkom press release: what startups want from the next federal government

Berlin, August 03, 2021 – In light of the upcoming federal election, the digital association Bitkom launched a survey among 200 tech startups to find out what small and medium-sized enterprises want from the next federal government. It emerged that more digital administration, more venture capital in growth phases and optimized access to public contracts are particularly relevant topics.

The core results showed that around 59 percent of the companies surveyed would like to see more effort put into digitizing administration. Also striking was that some 56 percent would like to see more venture capital in the growth phase and 53 percent hope for better access to public contracts. Achim Berg, the president of Bitkom, also commented on the forecast: “The three top issues most frequently mentioned for the next German government are perennial favorites. In the past, however, the measures were mostly not addressed at all or only half-heartedly […] We urgently need new momentum in startup policy after the Corona year – and from the first day of the new government.”

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