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Startup News KW 28 | Cyber attack on Spreadshirts

  • FinTech rubarb draws positive half-year balance sheet
  • Mystery Minds presents freely accessible mentoring platform
  • Cyber attack on Spreadshirts
  • Startups and established companies go toe-to-toe in Corona year

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Innovations and developments in the startup scene

FinTech rubarb draws positive half-year balance sheet

Hamburg, July 13, 2021 – A positive business year lies behind FinTech rubarb. After founding the Hamburg-based startup and launching their app in 2020, they can already boast a user base of 15,000 registered users just under a year later. According to founders Fabian and Jakob Scholz, the rate of recommendations is around 94 percent. So the nephews of the German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz have done a great job. In the free rubarb app, users are given various options for saving effectively. In total, they are offered three options here: Rounding up purchase amounts, one-off payments and savings plans. Current accounts and credit cards, as well as Paypal accounts, can be linked to the app. Co-Founder and CEO Fabian Scholz explains the relevance of the rubarb service as follows: “We set out to offer the broad mass of the population a sound way to invest their money with high returns in just a few steps and have more money at the end of the month than without rubarb. With us, no one needs to be a financial expert – wealth creation is a society-wide topic that concerns each of us and should therefore be accessible to everyone.”

Mystery Minds presents freely accessible mentoring platform

Munich, July 13, 2021 – HR tech company Mystery Minds recently unveiled its matching platform Mystery Mentor. The platform is now available as freeware in the basic version for all interested parties and registration is possible for any user who wants to share knowledge in a sound way and also further their education. Through clearly specified criteria, mentees and mentors can network with each other on the platform and pursue the goal of optimizing their professional development through the influence of experts. After a brief evaluation, it quickly became clear that about 70 percent of the relevant knowledge reached employees informally in the workplace. Thus, mentoring programs such as Mystery Mentor play a particularly important role. CEO of Mystery Minds, Christoph Drebes, supported the relevance of any mentoring programs: “Mentoring enables an exchange of knowledge between experienced managers and young professionals. To support this worldwide, we will provide Mystery Mentor in its basic version free of charge to all interested parties in the future.”


Cyber attack on Spreadshirts

Leipzig, July 12, 2021 – The Leipzig-based online platform Spreadshirts was recently hacked. Numerous customer data, including addresses, were stolen by unknown hackers. But not only that: bank details and cryptographically secured passwords were also partially robbed. In an e-mail, the company for custom T-shirts explained the dilemma to its customers. However, exactly how many customers, employees and partners were affected by the cyber attack was not disclosed. Now, users have been urged to update their passwords and payment details to prevent re-access. According to Spreadshirt, it is now working closely with specialists to prevent another incident. However, the company’s website does not yet contain any information about the incident.

Insights & Info

Startups and established companies go their separate ways in Corona year

Berlin, July 12, 2021 – A new study by digital association Bitkom recently showed that startups and established companies clearly kept their distance in the Corona Year. Thus, the core results of the survey crystallized that a significantly lower number of startups want to operate with medium-sized businesses and corporations. However, the majority of startups that enter into collaborations explain that they have positive experiences with the collaborations. According to Bitkom, around 76 percent of startups work with medium-sized companies, corporations and global players. That sounds like a lot at first, but the year before it was still around 90 percent. Meanwhile, 54 percent of startups work with established companies to develop their products and services. In addition, one in six said that most established companies receive a financial stake through them. Bitkom President Joachim Berg commented on the survey results as follows: “In the Corona pandemic, everyone has to deal with special challenges. Even if many things are more difficult when going it alone: cooperations were neglected during Corona – by both sides.Yet it is important to stick together and support each other, especially in times of crisis.”

If you want to learn more about the startup rubarb, feel free to listen to our podcast with the founder, or read our article about the Hamburg-based startup.

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