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Startup district gathers entrepreneurs in Malmö

Malmö is a growth engine in the largest labour market region in the Nordic region, contributing to jobs and employment.

To further strengthen the city’s position and attract investment, talent and business start-ups, the ambition is to establish a start-up district.

Today, the City Council decided to investigate the conditions.

Malmö already has a number of innovation and entrepreneurial players who would form the basis of the start-up district. At the centre is MINC, a well-known and well-established start-up incubator on Universitetsholmen – one of the country’s leading – with more than 100 active companies associated with it. This establishment, together with others, can create an environment for growth and innovation and for new solutions, technologies and services that contribute to business and social development in Malmö and the region.

Malmö is a city with a good reputation when it comes to start-ups and business start-ups. Last year, Malmö rose 106 places to 137th place and is expected to climb even higher this year.

In connection with the investigation of the conditions for a startup district, a closer look will also be taken at a long-term solution for MINC’s premises, which currently do not fully meet the needs of the business.

– More jobs, increased employment and self-sufficiency are key to Malmö’s continued development and attractiveness. We see that more and more companies are choosing to establish themselves here, but we also see opportunities for more entrepreneurs to discover the benefits of operating in the region. A start-up district with a unifying force can contribute to that, and in the long run to creating even more jobs, welfare and future businesses in Malmö,” says Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (S), chair of the city council.

– In Malmö, we are working hard to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. A start-up district can further strengthen Malmö as one of the country’s most important locations for innovation, not least in the green industries. Establishing a start-up district is therefore another important step towards making the city more attractive for the establishment of companies of the future,” says Roko Kursar (L), First Deputy Chairman of the City Council.


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