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S&T will build a system that provides information on the heat sources used

According to experts in Poland, the greatest impact on poor air quality, and thus on the health of our citizens, has pollutants coming from individual households, local boiler houses, various workshops and service establishments. The use of low-quality fuel and outdated and inefficient boilers emits harmful substances into the air.

The main task set for the ZONE system is to collect in a single database all information concerning methods of heating buildings in Poland – which will consequently make it possible to take more effective actions aimed at improving air quality. The ZONE platform will also support citizens in effective management of their heating expenses. The catalog of e-services prepared by S&T team will include such facilities as chimney sweeping or building inventory.

The ZONE System will be developed on a cloud environment in SCRUM methodology. It will be a scalable platform allowing to use server operating systems, database engines and other applications in virtualized environments as a service. Communication with the service will be possible via REST API. The solution will ensure availability of tools supporting migration of ICT systems (applications) and data of the General Office of Construction Supervision. The S&T team will use widely recognized and distributed industry standards to build the system architecture, allowing for potential use of various technologies and solutions by the Ordering Party within one platform.

The ZONE system will be integrated with reference systems and equipped with tools ensuring bidirectional data exchange, while having analytical modules allowing for environmental, health and financial analyses based on information collected via e-services. The software will be a web-based ICT system serving users using web browsers or mobile devices integrated with the National Node ( In total, the ZONE System will serve about 40,000 entrepreneurs, about 14,000 representatives of the administration and potentially about 5 million building owners.

The System is being developed within the framework of the Digital Poland Operational Programme priority axis II financed project entitled ‘Integrated System for Low Emission Reduction’. (ZONE).


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