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SEAQUAL® YARN – A high-tech yarn made from marine litter

Yesterday hazardous marine waste – today high-quality roll-ups, displays and much more. SEAQUAL® YARN makes it possible: a sustainable yarn made from upcycled marine plastic. Behind this is an initiative that has declared war on the pollution of the world’s oceans and is working together with FLYERALARM.

According to the WWF, an estimated 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. That corresponds to about one full truckload per minute. These masses of waste not only threaten marine animals and destroy natural livelihoods. Microplastics released in decomposition processes accumulate in the food chain – with unforeseeable consequences for humans. So what can be done? Avoiding plastic waste is one thing. The other is to collect and recycle the existing marine plastic. This is exactly where the SEQUAL INITIATIVE comes in.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE – working together for clean oceans

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a global community of NGOs, fishermen, researchers, scientists, public authorities and private stakeholders. Together they work to clean up the oceans, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines. But not only that. Certified manufacturers produce a high-tech yarn from this seemingly useless waste that is unparalleled in terms of sustainability and resource consumption: SEAQUAL® YARN. FLYERALARM has joined the global community and offers more and more advertising material made from this particularly sustainable material for sale. But it is a long way from plastic waste to advertising banners made of high-tech yarn.

The rethink begins: Upcycled Marine Plastic

It all starts with local fishermen, local environmental protection alliances and other private actors. They collect all the rubbish they find in the oceans, on beaches and estuaries. Because that’s one of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE’s mottos: “We don’t look for materials to recycle, we recycle the materials we find.” The different types of materials are carefully sorted by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE partners and fed into the recycling loop. A new and sustainable raw material, Upcycled Marine Plastic, is created from the PET plastic share of the total waste volume. Seemingly useless plastic waste is thus given a meaningful purpose.

A second life for plastic: SEAQUAL® YARN

Upcycled Marine Plastic can already be found in sports shoes, backpacks and now also in classic advertising materials such as roll-ups – in the form of SEAQUAL® YARN. The special polyester yarn consists of 100% recycled materials – on the one hand from Upcycled Marine Plastic, on the other hand from PET waste. The special feature: SEAQUAL® YARN is in no way inferior to conventional polyester. It has all the advantages of conventional polyesters and adds a few benefits on top:

Advantages of SEAQUAL® YARN

– 1 kg SEAQUAL® YARN reduces the waste in the oceans by approx. 1 kg
– 32 % less CO2 emissions compared to similar products
– OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and Global Recycle Standard certified

A true high-tech yarn whose material components are fully traceable and verifiable thanks to DNA tracker.

Did you know?

FLYERALARM offers numerous ecological alternatives to classic advertising materials – such as FSC® / PEFC™ certified stationery, recyclable coffee mugs or high-quality cotton bags.

To the Environment & Nature theme world

Do your bit too: products made from SEAQUAL® YARN at FLYERALARM

FLYERALARM works together with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and supports the worldwide fight against ocean pollution by selling products made from recycled marine plastic. By buying products made from SEAQUAL® YARN, you too are making an active contribution to cleaning up the oceans. Because for every kilogram of recycled yarn, about 1 kilogram of waste is taken out of the oceans. Whether roll-ups, displays or banners: numerous products are already available from FLYERALARM made of 100% SEAQUAL® YARN. Here are three advertising technology products that make a particularly natural impression with their combination of natural wood and SEAQUAL® YARN:

Wooden stand display

Gives a natural impression at first glance. And at second glance? The wooden frame from sustainable forestry and the advertising banner made of SEAQUAL® YARN will surprise you.

L-display wood

Sturdy wooden frame made of spruce and beech wood and a banner made of the high-tech yarn: a combination that not only credibly underlines your individual imprint but also your green image.

Canvas pictures

Create an elegant gallery impression. The sustainable SEAQUAL® YARN is mounted on the high-quality spruce stretcher frame – of course individually printed with your desired motif.

That was only a small selection of articles with SEAQUAL® YARN. The product range will be constantly expanded in the future. So it’s worth taking a regular look at the online shop.

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