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RTU publishes the first textbook for start-ups in Latvia

On 4 February, the book “Springboard to Successful Entrepreneurship” by Denis Ščeulovs, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of Riga Technical University (RTU), and Nikos Plēgman, Research Lecturer at Rotterdam Business School, will be launched. It is the first Latvian textbook for a successful start-up. The book will be available free of charge to all interested parties on the RTU e-book platform.

The book launch will take place on Zoom at 14.00 –

The teaching tool/manual is intended for students of entrepreneurship and related fields, as well as for future and existing entrepreneurs. It describes the stages and challenges of building a start-up business model, using the “springboard” methodology developed by D. Shcheulov and Niek Ploegman and their experience working with entrepreneurship students and start-up founders. The methodology can also be used to improve the business model of an existing company.

“A clear methodology with defined and understandable steps should be applied to start a start-up. “The Stepping Stones methodology has defined stages and steps, and always allows you to look back, revisit and improve on previous steps. The training tool will help to constantly analyse the business model and make timely adjustments to it, which is necessary for any business – small or large,” explains D. Ščeulovs, Director of the Institute of Business Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of RTU (IEVF).

The book offers methods and tips on how to create a modern and viable business model. As Mr Shcheulov points out, a business model should always be aimed at realising the interests and desires of consumers. The book is illustrated with examples from around the world and Latvia, giving a glimpse behind the scenes of start-ups. It describes the philosophy behind the business model and value proposition and includes exercises to apply the theory in practice. The appendices are very useful to help you get started, giving practical advice on building, prototyping and testing a business model, developing and testing a consumer profile, different concepts for value propositions and acquisition channels, product longevity, etc.

The electronic version of the book contains high quality appendices that can be used in practical lessons, displayed on a large screen or printed in various formats up to A2 poster size.

The electronic version of the teaching tool will be freely available to all on the RTU e-book platform from 4 February. It is published by RTU Publishing House.

“Stepping Stones for Successful Entrepreneurship” is a gift from D. Shcheulov on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of RTU IEVF, which is celebrated this academic year. IEVF provides higher education in various fields of economics and business. The quality and international competitiveness of the education offered by IEF is confirmed by various rankings and high evaluation by employers.


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