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Revenues from industrial robot components will exceed $9 billion

Photo: Mobile Industrial Robots

Even double-digit growth in the components

market The analytics company Interact Analysis has conducted a market study on key components for industrial robots. We are talking about motors, drives, gears, controllers, learning pendants, sensors, manipulators or vision systems. According to the analysis – machine vision and end-effector manipulators are expected to register the highest growth. The value of this sector is expected to exceed even $2.5 billion by 2025.

As pointed out by experts from – machine vision was basically the only sector that grew steadily during the coronavirus pandemic. All other component sectors were expected to see a decline in value between 2019 and 2020. This was basically caused by several factors – supply chain disruptions, as well as weakening consumer demand for automotive and electronics products, as well as the epidemiological situation itself.

Basically, the market for industrial robot components is dominated by Asian countries. Japan takes the first place, followed by China. However, experts predict that the Chinese market may soon overtake Japan’s level of unit production of industrial robots. Nevertheless, Japan is expected – at least until 2025. – to remain the leader when it comes to revenue from components for industrial robots. That’s because the country specializes in creating articulated robots, which are much more expensive. The global components market is expected to reach up to $9.3 billion in value by 2025.

Sales of autonomous mobile robots increased by 42%

Hailing from Denmark, Mobile Industrial Robots is a multinational corporation specializing in, among other things, the creation of so-called autonomous mobile robots. MiR is the de facto leader in this market and cooperates with 167 distributors in 48 countries. Autonomous mobile robots by MiR can be found practically all over the globe – from Australia, through Africa and the Americas to Eurasia.

In 2021, the company reported as much as a 42% increase in sales compared to 2020. A special period here was the fourth quarter of 2021, or more precisely, December, in which MiR delivered about 300 more robots to customers than in any previous month. Autonomous mobile robots are primarily used in automotive and electronics, but there is also growing demand here in the logistics and FMCG markets.

This increase in sales is strictly related to the autonomization and robotization of industry. More and more sectors are opting to use Industry 4.0 solutions to significantly speed up their production processes.


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